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Ultra-High-Temperature-Ceramics: potentialities and barriers to the application in hot structures

Bellosi A.

High performance Ultra-High-Temperature Composites (based on zirconium-, hafnium-, tantalum- borides and carbides) are characterized by relevant and unique thermo-physical and thermo-mechanical properties, suitable for applications in thermo-protection systems for aerospace applications. In spite of...

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Spin glass behaviour and spin-dependent scattering in La0.7Ca0.3Mn0.9Cr0.1O3 perovskites

Wu, BM; Ausloos, Marcel; Du, YL; Zheng, WH; Li, B; Fagnard, Jean-François; Vanderbemden, Philippe

The magnetic, electrical and thermal transport properties of the perovskite La0.7Ca0.3Mn0.9Cr0.1O3 have been investigated by measuring dc magnetization, ac susceptibility, the magnetoresistance and thermal conductivity in the temperature range of 5-300 K. The spin glass behaviour with a spin freezin...

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Model-Based Control and Optimization of Large Scale Physical Systems - Challenges in Reservoir Engineering

Van den Hof, P.M.J.; Jansen, J.D.; Van Essen, G.M.; Bosgra, O.H.

Due to urgent needs to increase efficiency in oil recovery from subsurface reservoirs new technology is developed that allows more detailed sensing and actuation of multiphase flow properties in oil reservoirs. One of the examples is the controlled injection of water through injection wells with the...

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Influence of land cover changes on the physical and chemical properties of alpine meadow soil

Wang, Genxu(王根绪); Chen, Guodong(陈国栋); Shen, Yongping(沈永平); Qian, Ju(钱鞠)

[英文摘要]: Taking the alpine cold meadow grassland in the southeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau as an ex-ample, this research deals with the characteristics of alpine meadow soil property changes, including soil nutrients, soil physical properties and soil moisture content under diffe...

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Ginkgolides and bilobalide: Their physical, chromatographic and spectroscopic properties

Beek, T.A., van

Ginkgolides A, B, C, J, K, L and M and bilobalide are rare terpene trilactones that have been isolated from leaves and root bark of the Chinese tree Ginkgo biloba. The structures of the highly oxidized ginkgolides were independently elucidated in the 1960s by the groups of Nakanishi and Sakabe. Late...

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Evaluation of starch noodles made from three typical Chinese sweet-potato starches

Chen, Z.; Sagis, L.; Legger, A.; Linssen, J.P.H.; Schols, H.A.; Voragen, A.G.J.

The physical properties of starches from 3 typical Chinese sweet potato varieties (SuShu2, SuShu8, and XuShu18) were studied in relation to their noodle-making performance. The starch gel properties of SuShu2 differed from those of SuShu8 and XuShu18. As determined by both instrumental and sensory a...

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