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Galectin binding proteins in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage -in healthy and pathological conditions

Cederfur, Cecilia

Galectins are carbohydrate binding proteins, implicated in conditions of both inflammation and cancer. Connections between chronic inflammation and cancer are proposed by the increased remodelling and proliferation that occurs, leading to enhanced survival and proliferation of malignant cells. Since...

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First human exposure to FSH-CTP in hypogonadotrophic hypogonadal males

Bouloux, PM; Handelsman, DJ; Jockenhovel, F; Nieschlag, E; Rabinovici, J; Frasa, WL; de Bie, JJ; Voortman, G; Itskovitz-Eldor, J

BACKGROUND: This is the first report of human exposure to the novel compound follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)-C-terminal peptide (CTP) 'FSH-CTP' (Org 36286), a long-acting recombinant FSH like substance, consisting of the alpha-subunit of human FSH and a hybrid beta-subunit. The latter is composed...

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Bone turnover markers and prediction of bone loss in elderly women

Lenora, Janaka

Around 70,000 osteoporosis-related fractures occur in Sweden annually and approximately half of the women in western world will sustain a fragility fracture after the age of 50 years. Fracture preventive efforts require the identification of individuals who are at high risk. Biochemical markers of b...

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Liu, Huan; Sun, Laixiang

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