Sample records for 永冻层 (permafrost)

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Modeling on gas hydrate formation conditions in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau permafrost

Lu Zhen Quan; Sultan Nabil; Jin Chun Shuang; Rao Zhu; Luo Xu Rong; Wu Bi Hao; Zhu You Hai

Based on field investigated gas geochemistry and predecessors' data such as the permafrost ground temperature, thermal gradients within/below the frozen layer, the modeling on gas hydrate formation conditions is conducted in the Qinghai Tibet plateau permafrost. The modeled results show that the per...

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A Roadbed Cooling Approach for the Construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Cheng, Guodong

[英文摘要]:Over one half of the permafrost along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is “warm" and approximately 40% ice-rich. Under global warming, the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway needs to consider climate changes over the next 50~100 years. Recent estimates indicate that the air temperature...

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