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Treatment seeking behaviour in southern Chinese people with orofacial pain

McMillan, AS; Zheng, J; Wong, MCM; Luo, Y; Lam, CLK

Journal of Dental Research

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The sensitivity of United Kingdom health-care services to the diverse needs of Chinese-origin older people

Chau, RCM; Yu, SWK

This paper is a contribution to the debate on how to make health-care services in the United Kingdom more responsive to the needs of older people who are members of recent immigrant groups. The focus is on the Chinese-origin elders, and the objective is to demonstrate their diverse migrant histories...

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The prevalence of pseudoexfoliation syndrome in Chinese people

Young, A L; Lam, D S C; Tang, W W T

Background: Pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PXS) is regarded as rare in people of Chinese ethnicity but the prevalence of this condition is not known. This epidemiology study was conducted to assess the prevalence of PXS in cataract patients and to report the clinical features present.

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The history of Chinese medicine in the People's Republic of China and its globalization

Hsu, Elisabeth

This introductory article provides an overview over the history of Chinese medicine, as it evolved in the People's Republic of China over the last 60 years. In particular, it highlights how Traditional Chinese Medicine (zhongyi), as invented in the 1950s during a period of nationalism marke...

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Studies on the Competitiveness of Chinese Industries (in Chinese)

Rui, M; Tao, Z; Yue, Y; Luo, P; Wu, X; Enright, MJ

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Stigma and epilepsy: The Chinese perspective

Li, SC; Wu, JZ; Wang, WZ; Jacoby, A; de Boer, H; Sander, JW

In the Chinese language there is no equivalent for the English word stigma, nevertheless, for many years, people with epilepsy in China have suffered from stigma We suggest that the best Chinese word to use is (sic) (meaning "feeling of disgrace because of the condition-epilepsy or other disease") S...

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Seroprevalence of Antibodies against Noroviruses among Students in a Chinese Military Medical University

Jiang, Xi; Li, Zhi-feng; Dai, Ying-chun; Zhang, Xu-fu; Nie, Jun; Bai, Yang; Farkas, Tibor; Zeng, Zhi-rong; Yu, Shou-yi

Noroviruses (NVs) are important causes of nonbacterial gastroenteritis in humans, but the role of NVs as a cause of diseases in the Chinese people, particularly in Chinese military personnel, remains unclear. This study investigated antibody prevalence and factors that associate with the prevalence ...

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Relationship between clinical dental status and eating difficulty in an old Chinese population

Zeng, X; Sheiham, A; Tsakos, G

This study investigated the relationship between clinical dental status and eating difficulty in a sample of older Chinese people in Guangxi, China. Sample was selected from people aged 55 years and older who had routine annual health check-ups at a large hospital health centre. The sample consisted...

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Public Attitudes Toward People With Intellectual Disabilities: A Cross-Cultural Study

Scior, K; Kan, KY; McLoughlin, A; Sheridan, J

This study investigated attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities among the general Hong Kong Chinese population and compared these to a White British sample, using the Community Living Attitudes Scale Mental Retardation form (CLAS-MR; D. Henry, C. Keys, F. Balcazar, & D. Jopp, 1996). A...

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Orofacial pain in southern Chinese people: predictors of outcome

Zheng, J; McMillan, AS; Wong, MCM; Luo, Y; Lam, CLK

Journal of Dental Research

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Orofacial pain and quality of life in elderly Chinese people

McMillan, AS; Luo, Y; Zheng, J; Wong, MCM; Lam, CLK

Abstract no. 2527

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Orofacial pain and associated impacts in southern Chinese people

Wong, MCM; McMillan, AS; Zheng, J; Lam, CLK

Abstract no. 1207

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Negotiating Christianity in the People’s Republic of China :the impact of the Chinese Bible on the Han Chinese language, as represented by dictionaries

Strandenæs, Thor

Originally published in: Svensk missionstidskrift = Swedish missiological themes, vol. 97(2009) p. 165-195, see

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Macau Residents as Border People – A Changing Border Regime from a Sociocultural Perspective Die Bewohner Macaus als "Border people" - Der Wandel eines Grenzregimes aus soziokultureller Sicht

Werner Breitung

The concept of border people refers to people living with borders, dealing with the related difficulties and taking advantage of the respective opportunities. This concept is here applied to the residents of Macau, whose border checkpoint to the mainland has become one of the busiest in the world. E...

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Internationalization of Chinese SMEs lessons to be learned from Finnish SMEs : Case study- internationalization of Finnish SME and Chinese SME

Gao, Xiaofeng

With the Chinese thirty years’ reform and opening up with the increasingly diverse needs of the people, countless small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have sprung up and flourished in China. There are a lot of Finnish SMEs, which have already taken the steps of internationalization and in this ...

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He, Hang

With the internationalization of the software, implementing different languages to software plays an increasingly important role in the market. Like the mobile system, people from different countries can buy and use the same Nokia system. All they need is to choose their own languages from the lang...

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Gonioscopy in adult Chinese: The Liwan Eye Study

He, MG; Foster, PJ; Ge, J; Huang, WY; Wang, DD; Friedman, DS; Khaw, PT

PURPOSE. To assess gonioscopic characteristics of the drainage angle in adult Chinese in an urban area of southern China.METHODS. Clustered random sampling was used to select adults aged 50 years and older in Liwan District, Guangzhou. Gonioscopy was performed on all the subjects. The geometric angl...

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Drug-induced haemolysis in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

Chan, T K; Tso, S C; Todd, D

People with the variants of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (GPD) deficiency common in the southern Chinese (Canton, B(-)Chinese, and Hong Kong-Pokfulam) have a moderate shortening of red-cell survival but no anaemia when they are in the steady state. With a cross-transfusion technique, primaquine...

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Differences in the neural basis of Chinese and English reading, UCL-China Research Festival

Hu, W; Lee, HL; Zhang, Q; Tao, L; Libo, G; Seghier, ML; Green, DW; Yang, Y; Price, CJ

Over 320 people attended the UCL-China Research Festival, a showcase of the variety and volume of the university's research collaborations with Chinese institutions held at UCL on 13 July 2008.

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Development and evaluation of an index of eating difficulty for older southern Chinese people.

Zeng, X; Sheiham, A; Tsakos, G

The objectives of this study were to develop and evaluate the validity and reliability of a new index to assess difficulty in eating certain foods among older southern Chinese people. The Index of Eating Difficulty (IED) was developed using a Guttman scaling analysis. After two pilot studies in whic...

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Development and evaluation of an index of eating difficulty for older southern Chinese people

Zeng, X; Sheiham, A; Tsakos, G

The objectives of this study were to develop and evaluate the validity and reliability of a new index to assess difficulty in eating certain foods among older southern Chinese people. The Index of Eating Difficulty (IED) was developed using a Guttman scaling analysis. After two pilot studies in whic...

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Development and Iterative Refinement of an Internet-based Service for Chinese Family Caregivers of People with Alzheimer Disease

Chiu, T.; Lottridge, D.

This poster reports on the developmental phase of a new internet-based support services (ICSS) for Chinese caregivers of people with Alzheimer Disease (AD): a specialized email application and an informational website. Bilingual Chinese caregivers wanted internet-based information in both Chinese an...

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Determinants of intraocular pressure and its association with glaucomatous optic neuropathy in Chinese Singaporeans: the Tanjong Pagar study

Foster, P.J.; Machin, D.; Wong, T.-Y.; Ng, T.-P.; Kirwan, J.F.; Johnson, G.J.; Khaw, P.T.; Seah, S.K.L.

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Detection of narrow angles and established angle closure in chinese residents of Singapore: potential screening tests

Nolan, W.P.; Aung, T.; Machin, D.; Khaw, P.T.; Johnson, G.J.; Seah, S.K.L.; Foster, P.J.

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Detection of narrow angles and established angle closure in Chinese residents of Singapore: Potential screening tests

Nolan, WP; Aung, T; Machin, D; Khaw, PT; Johnson, GJ; Seah, SKL; Foster, PJ

PURPOSE: To assess the performance of peripheral and central anterior chamber depth (ACD) measurements, and autorefraction, in identifying Chinese people with occludable drainage angles or established primary angle closure.DESIGN: Population-based cross-sectional analysis.METHODS: Subjects aged 40 y...

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Current Chinese Consumer Purchase Behaviour : Case: Shanzhai Mobile Phones

Li, Jun

This study demonstrates the factors which influence consumer behaviour in general, and the role that the brand plays in the consumer buying process. The target of this thesis is the Chinese mobile phone market. The objective is to outline the current Chinese consumer behaviour when the Shanzhai mobi...

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Culture and the therapeutic relationship: perspectives from Chinese clients

Jim, J.; Pistrang, N.

Chinese people in the UK and USA underutilise mental health services and, when they do seek help, may find that therapy does not meet their needs. In response to calls in the literature for naturalistic studies of therapy with people of Chinese background, this study used a qualitative, multiple cas...

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Chinese-English Code-switching in Blogs by Macao Young People

San, Hong Ka

This paper attempts to investigate Chinese-English code-switching behaviour present in blogs (a kind of computer-mediated communication) belonging to young people in Macao. The first goal of this study is to describe the patterns of Chinese-English code-switched language in 200 blog entries written ...

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Characterization and product innovation of sufu - a Chinese fermented soybean food

Han, B.

 Over the centuries, Chinese people have consumed soybeans in various forms of traditional fermented soybean foods. Sufu ( Furu ), a cheese-like product originating in China, is one of the most popular fermented soybean foods in China, and is becoming popular i...

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CSSA Spring Festival Gala 2004

CSSA, UK; CSSA, Cambridge; Yan, Xiaoxiao

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BamH I polymorphism in the Chinese: its potential usefulness in prenatal diagnosis of beta thalassaemia.

Ghosh, A; Chan, V; Chan, T K; Leung, N K; Kan, Y W; Todd, D

The prevalence of the BamH I site 3' to the beta globin gene in Chinese people was determined in 123 normal subjects, 40 patients with heterozygous beta thalassaemia, and 25 patients with homozygous beta thalassaemia. The site was present in 71.1% and absent in 28.9% of the chromosomes carrying norm...

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Attitudes to physical exercise among elderly people in Hong Kong (Abstract)

Cheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I; Vertinsky, P

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An investigation on English/Chinese Code-switching in BBS in Chinese Alumni's Community

Ge, Luqun

The study, based on Myers-Scotton’s revised Markedness Model, investigates English/Chinese code-switching in BBS in Chinese alumni’s community, aiming to prove people are rational calculator when they switch codes. 82 fragments are retrieved from 4 classes in Chinaren, a large virtual Chinese alumni...

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A Chinese translation of IMS Learning Design Best Practice and Implementation Guide (draft)

Gong, Yufeng

Many Chinese researchers, system developers and e-learning practitioners have difficulties to understand IMS LD correctly because of language barriers. The main aim of this translation is to help chinese people to overcome the difficulties. It is also expected that this translation can launch into a...

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Horton, Khim; Dickinson, Angela

This grounded-theory study explored the perceptions of Chinese older people, living in England, on falls and fear of falling, and identified facilitators and barriers to fall prevention interventions. With a sample of 30 Chinese older people, we conducted two focus groups and 10 in-depth interviews ...

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Parker, David; Song, Miri

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Yu, Haibo; 余海波

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Xu, Lin; 徐琳

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Wu, Si-cheong, Gilbert; 胡仕昌

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Wang, Pan-yeung; 王濱洋

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Tang, Tsui-yee, Eastre; 鄧翠怡

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Song, Lianyi

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Shum, Hoi-cheung, Michael; 沈凱翔

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Shen, Song; 沈嵩

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Palmer, Michael

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Palmer , Michael

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Miao, Yongqing; 苗永青

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Liem, Winson; 林維

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Lai Auyeung, Yu-wing, Winnie; 黎歐陽汝穎

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Ko, Po-yuk; 高寶玉

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Fung, Siu-wai, Winnie; 馮兆慧

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Duckett, J.

In the 1990s, parts of the state bureaucracy in China have been setting up new profit-seeking, risk-taking businesses. Some of these businesses are entrepreneurial rather than rent-seeking, and are an unplanned and unanticipated development in China's market-oriented economic reforms. What are the l...

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Cheung, Kwok-hung, Stephen; 張國雄

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Cheung, Hon-wan, Doris; 張瀚尹

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Chan, Po-lin, Pauline; 陳寶蓮

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Chan, Lung-fai; 陳龍輝

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