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Sediment Particle Size Distribution and Its Environmental Significance in Lake Erhi,Yunnan Province

陈敬安; 万国江; 等

A closed or semi-closed plateau lake,whose sediment records can provide uw with plenty of fine and high resolution information,is a sensitive indicator of climatic and environmental changes.During the reconstruction of various short-time-scale climatic and environmental changes,the geochemical reco...

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Physicochemical properties of sweet potato starches and their application in noodle products

Chen Zenghong

Starches isolated from 3 Chinese sweet potato varieties (XuShu18, SuShu2, and SuShu8) differed in granule size and particle size distribution as well as in protein, lipid and phosphorus contents but theamylosecontents were similar for these starches (19.3-20.0%). The pastin...

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