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Papillary cystic neoplasm of the pancreas: presentation and natural history in two cases.

Nash, J R; Kingsnorth, A N; Lewis-Jones, H; Galloway, S W; Smith, P A

Two young women, one white and one Chinese, with the rare but increasingly recognised papillary and cystic neoplasm of the pancreas are reported. The initial symptom in both was non-specific abdominal pain which, after investigation, was found to be caused by a pancreatic tumour. One patient did not...

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Abnormal Secretion of Insulin and Glucagon by the In Vitro Perfused Pancreas of the Genetically Diabetic Chinese Hamster

Fanska, Rudy E.; Frankel, Barbara J.; Hagura, Ryoko; Gerich, John E.; Gerritsen, George C.; Grodsky, Gerold M.

Hereditary insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus occurs in certain sublines of nonobese Chinese hamsters. Several characteristics of this syndrome are similar to those seen in insulin-deficient human diabetics. Therefore, to characterize pancreatic islet function, dynamic insulin and glucagon release ...

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