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Works by Fang Zhaolong

Fang, Chao-lin, 1914-

This collection of about 150 paintings and calligraphy consists of, for the most part, new works painted since 1984. Together they demonstrate the range of Fang Zhaoling's creativity during this period

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The Masterpiece: A Thousand Peaks and Myriad Ravines by Gong Xian (ca. 1617-1689)

Brinker, Helmut; Universität Zürich, Institut für Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens

The superlative "masterpiece" is entangled in an inflationary linguistic jumble and has fallen victim to modernist art theoretical debates. Thus we do not attempt here any further clarification; nor do we venture on testing the usefulness of the term's application on Chinese art or intend to trace e...

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Short Reviews

The Tibet Society

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Old masters repainted : Wu Zhen (1280-1354) : prime objects and accretions

Stanley-Baker, Joan

The study of Chinese painting in Taiwan, China and America today centres largely around works ascribed to celebrated old masters. These have been passed down over the centuries in private and imperial collections. Over the past millennium collectors acquired paintings as an index to their mental and...

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Dining & Death: interdisciplinary perspectives on the 'Funerary Banquet' in ancient art, burial and belief

The conference brought together scholars from multiple disciplines (Classical Archaeology, Sinology, Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology) in order to explore the varied forms and meanings of banqueting imagery in tomb paintings and sculptures, with a particular focus on the relationship bet...

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Art and place : essays on art from a Hong Kong perspective

Clarke, David J

Art and Place brings together a series of essays about art in Hong Kong written over the last ten year, with the intention of offering a personal chronicle of the Hong Kong art world during a time of great change. Many of the essays concern themselves with the work of local artists, but Western and ...

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Szeto, Yuen-kit; 司徒元傑

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McCausland, Shane

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McCausland , Shane; Ling, Lizhong; Shan, Guolin

Telling Images of China is an exhibition of early modern and modern paintings from one of the world's finest collections of Chinese art, the Shanghai Museum. The thirty-eight figural works were selected by a team of curators, including Prof Shan Guolin and Mr Ling Lizhong of the Shanghai Museum, and...

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Maetani, Masumi; 前谷真寿美

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Draycott, Catherine M.

Summary of the content and conclusions of the conference Dining&Death: interdisciplinary perspectives on the 'Funerary Banquet' in ancient art, burial and belief

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Chui, Yin-har, Eliza; 崔嫣霞

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