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Vitronectin mediates internalization of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Duensing, T D; van Putten, J P

Gonococci producing a distinct opacity protein (OpaA in strain MS11) adhere to and are efficiently internalized by cultured epithelial cells such as the Chang conjunctiva cell line. Both adherence and uptake require interactions between OpaA and heparan sulfate proteoglycans on the mammalian cell su...

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Prevalence of lens opacity in Chinese residents of Singapore: The Tanjong Pagar survey

Seah, SKL; Wong, TY; Foster, PJ; Ng, TP; Johnson, GJ

Objective: To determine the prevalence of lens opacity among Chinese residents of Singapore.Design: Population-based, cross-sectional survey.Participants: Chinese men and women aged 40 years or more in Singapore.Methods: A stratified, clustered, random sampling method, with more weights given to the...

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Effect of trabeculectomy on lens opacities in an East Asian population

Husain, R; Aung, T; Gazzard, G; Foster, PJ; Devereux, JG; Chew, PTK; Oen, FTS; Khaw, PT; Seah, SKL

Objective: To examine the progression of lens opacity in Asian people after trabeculectomy and determine associated risk factors.Methods: This was an observational case series of 243 people aged 36 to 82 years. Trabeculectomy was performed on 1 eye of each subject. Lens opacity was measured yearly u...

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