Sample records for 核损害 (nuclear damage)

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Cell Proliferation and DNA Breaks Are Involved in Ultraviolet Light-induced Apoptosis in Nucleotide Excision Repair-deficient Chinese Hamster Cells

Dunkern, Torsten R.; Kaina, Bernd

UV light targets both membrane receptors and nuclear DNA, thus evoking signals triggering apoptosis. Although receptor-mediated apoptosis has been extensively investigated, the role of DNA damage in apoptosis is less clear. To analyze the importance of DNA damage induced by UV-C light in apoptosis, ...

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Assessment of the significance of mitochondrial DNA damage by chemotherapeutic agents

Lo, S; Tolner, B; Taanman, JW; Cooper, JM; Gu, M; Hartley, JA; Schapira, AHV; Hochhauser, D

The pathways which are activated following damage to nuclear DNA in cancer cells are well understood. There is evidence that treatment with several chemotherapeutic agents may result in damage to mitochondrial DNA. This study investigated the contribution of mitochondrial DNA to cytotoxicity of DNA-...

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