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The utility of screening for perinatal depression in the second trimester among Chinese: a three-wave prospective longitudinal study

Lau, Ying; Wong, Keung Fu Daniel; Chan, Sin Kin

This paper aims to study the pattern of perinatal depressive symptomatology and determine the predictive power of second trimester perinatal depressive symptoms for future perinatal periods. A population-based sample of 2,178 women completed the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) in the sec...

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Prevalence and course of schizophrenia in a Chinese rural area

Ran, MS; Xiang, MZ; Li, SX; Shan, YH; Huang, MS; Li, SG; Liu, ZR; Chen, EYH; Chan, CLW

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One statistical technique may not be enough: comparing measurement of psychological attributes across countries

Shulruf, B; Zeng, M; Watkins, DA; Fu, H

The aim of this study was to compare the impact of the statistical techniques on measurement outcomes of Collectivism and Individualism scales across two countries, New Zealand (NZ) and China, and five ethnic groups. Attributes of Collectivism and Individualism (AICS) were compared across undergradu...

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Match or mismatch: use of the strengths model with chinese migrants experiencing mental illness: service user and practitioner perspectives

Tse, SSK; Divis, M; Li, YB

The strengths model assists service users and mental health practitioners to identify individual and environmental strengths and to secure resources to facilitate integration into the community and improve quality of life. Interventions are based on goals determined by the person with the mental ill...

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Holmes, P.

Chinese students’ intercultural communication experiences in Western educational institutions have largely been examined through Eurocentric theoretical lenses, often resulting in misinterpretations of their verbal and nonverbal interactions. Instead, this paper provides new understandings of Chines...

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Holmes, P.

This study juxtaposes current approaches to intercultural communication compe-tence (ICC) with Chinese students' learning and communication experiences in a New Zealand pluricultural classroom. Fifteen first-year Chinese university students were interviewed and participated in focus groups. The find...

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