Sample records for 神经系统疾病 (nervous system diseases)

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On Microvascular Inflammation and Intestinal Leakage in Radiation Enteropathy

Röme, Andrada

Gastrointestinal tract damage is an insidious feature in patients undergoing radiotherapy. Microvascular inflammation, including leukocyte and platelet recruitment as well as epithelial barrier dysfunction, are considered to constitute key components in the pathophysiology of radiation-induced enter...

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Herpes zoster and its neurological complications

Chang, CM; Woo, E; Yu, YL; Huang, CY; Chin, D

Ninety-three Chinese patients with cutaneous herpes zoster were seen during a 4-year period. Thoracic zoster occurred most commonly, followed by ophthalmic, cervical and lumbosacral zoster. Neurological complications were present in eleven patients (11.8%), the commonest being Ramsay-Hunt syndrome a...

DRIVER (Chinese)