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The Child Play Behavior and Activity Questionnaire: A Parent-Report Measure of Childhood Gender-Related Behavior in China

Yu, Lu; Winter, Sam; Xie, Dong

Boys and girls establish relatively stable gender stereotyped behavior patterns by middle childhood. Parent-report questionnaires measuring children’s gender-related behavior enable researchers to conduct large-scale screenings of community samples of children. For school-aged children, two parent-r...

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Statistical and Comparative Evaluation of Various Indexing and Search Models

Abdou, Samir; Savoy, Jacques

This paper first describes various strategies (character, bigram, automatic segmentation) used to index the Chinese (ZH), Japanese (JA) and Korean (KR) languages. Second, based on the NTCIR-5 test-collections, it evaluates various retrieval models, varying from classical vector-space models to more ...

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Optimal Spectral Bandwidth for Long Memory

Delgado, Miguel A. [delgado]; Robinson, Peter M.

For long range dependent time series with a spectral singularity at frequency zero, a theory for optimal bandwidth choice in non-parametric analysis of the singularity was developed by Robinson (1994a). In the present paper, the optimal bandwidths are compared with those in case of a smooth spectrum...

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Combining multi-domain statistical machine translation models using automatic classifiers

Banerjee, Pratyush; Du, Jinhua; Li, Baoli; Kumar Naskar, Sudip; Way, Andy; VanGenabith, Josef

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Xia, Yingcun; Tong, Howell; Li, W. K.

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Wong, Pak-kwong; 黃伯光

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