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Modulation of melatonin receptors and G-protein function by microtubules

Jarzynka, MJ; Passey, DK; Ignatius, PF; Melan, MA; Radio, NM; Jockers, R; Rasenick, MM; Brydon, L; Witt-Enderby, PA

Chronic melatonin exposure produces microtubule rearrangements in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells expressing the human MT1 melatonin receptor while at the same time desensitizing MT1 receptors. Because microtubule rearrangements parallel MT1 receptor desensitization, we tested whether microtubules...

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MT1 melatonin receptor internalization underlies melatonin-induced morphologic changes in Chinese hamster ovary cells and these processes are dependent on Gi proteins, MEK 1/2 and microtubule modulation

Bondi, CD; McKeon, RM; Bennett, JM; Ignatius, PF; Brydon, L; Joekers, R; Melans, MA; Witt-Enderby, PA

Melatonin induces cellular differentiation in numerous cell types. Data show that multiple mechanisms are involved in these processes that are cell-type specific and may be receptor dependent or independent. The focus of this study was to specifically assess the role of human MTI melatonin receptors...

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Isolation of a taxol-resistant Chinese hamster ovary cell mutant that has an alteration in alpha-tubulin.

Cabral, F; Gottesman, M M; Abraham, I

Taxol is a plant alkaloid that has antimitotic activity and appears to stabilize microtubules [Schiff, P. B., Fant, J. & Horwitz, S. B. (1979) Nature (London) 277, 665-667]. Taxol-resistant cells were selected from a population of UV-mutagen-treated Chinese hamster ovary cells by a single-step p...

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