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Identification of a cytotoxin produced by Legionella pneumophila.

Friedman, R L; Miller, R D; Iglewski, B H

Culture filtrates of Legionella pneumophila were cytotoxic for Chinese hamster ovary cells. The cytotoxin was found to be methanol soluble, heat stable, and stable from pH 5 through 8.

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Determination of peroxide value in sirolimus oral solution by potentiometric-iodometry

Cheng, Y; Hong, L-Y

Objective: To develop a method for the determination of peroxide value in sirolimus oral solution. Methods: A potentiometric - iodometry method was conducted. Sirolimus was dissolved in methanol, and excess volume of iodine titrant was added. The titration was carried out using (Chinese characters S...

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Chromosomal Location of Genes Controlling Flavonoid Production in Hexaploid Wheat

Barnhart, D.; Neuman, Paula R.; Hilu, K. W.; Waines, J. G.

Two-dimensional paper chromatography was performed on methanol extracts of leaves of hexaploid bread wheat, Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell. cultivar Chinese Spring, and of the available nullisomic-tetrasomic compensating lines, the tetrasomic lines and the ditelocentric lines. The chromatograms had ...

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Antimutagenic and mutagenic potentials of Chinese radish.

Rojanapo, W; Tepsuwan, A

The edible part of fresh Chinese radish was chopped into small pieces, lyophilized, and then extracted sequentially with hexane, chloroform, and methanol. The solvent in each fraction was removed by evaporation under reduced pressure at 50-55 degrees C, and the residue was dissolved in dimethylsufox...

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Analysis of antioxidant activity and antioxidant constituents of Chinese toon

Cheng, KW; Yang, RY; Tsou, SCS; Lo, CSC; Ho, CT; Lee, TC; Wang, M

Antioxidant activity of the methanol and water extracts of Chinese toon (Toona sinensis) leaf was evaluated using DPPH radical scavenging and lipid peroxidation assays. Contents of four major types of antioxidants including β-carotene, ascorbate, α-tocopherol and phenolics were also quantified. Open...

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