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Stereoselective glucuronidation of carvedilol by Chinese liver microsomes*

Chen, Shu-qing; You, Lin-ya; Xie, Sheng-gu; Yu, Chun-na; Zeng, Su

Objective: To study the stereoselective glucuronidation of carvedilol (CARV) by three Chinese liver microsomes. Methods: The metabolites of CARV were identified by a hydrolysis reaction with β-glucuronidase and HPLC-MS/MS. The enzyme kinetics for CARV enantiomers glucuronidation was determined by a ...

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Screening for estrogen and androgen receptor activities in 200 pesticides by in vitro reporter gene assays using Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Niiyama, Kazuhito; Kojima, Hiroyuki; Takeuchi, Shinji; Katsura, Eiji; Kobayashi, Kunihiko

We tested 200 pesticides, including some of their isomers and metabolites, for agonism and antagonism to two human estrogen receptor (hER) subtypes, hERalpha and hERbeta, and a human androgen receptor (hAR) by highly sensitive transactivation assays using Chinese hamster ovary cells. The test compou...

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Multiple activation pathways of benzene leading to products with varying genotoxic characteristics.

Ludewig, G; Glatt, H; Berchtold, G A; Padykula, R; Platt, K L; Klein, J; Oesch, F

Benzene and 13 potential metabolites were investigated for genotoxicity in Salmonella typhimurium and V79 Chinese hamster cells. In the presence of NADPH-fortified hepatic postmitochondrial fraction (S9 mix), benzene reverted his- S. typhimurium strains. The effect was strongest in strain TA1535. Am...

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Identification of the major chemical constituents and their metabolites in rat plasma and various organs after oral administration of effective Erxian Decoction (EXD) fraction by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Hu, YM; Wang, YT; Sze, SCW; Tsang, KW; Wong, HK; Liu, Q; Zhong, LD; Tong, Y

A simple and specific LC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS method has been developed and applied for the primary investigation of the chemical constituents absorbed or metabolized in vivo, after the rat oral administration of Erxian Decoction (EXD), a Chinese medicine prescription for menopausal syndromes. Through the ...

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Identification of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene metabolites that lead to mutagenesis in mammalian cells

Huberman, Eliezer; Yang, Shen K.; Chou, Ming W.

The mutagenicity of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]-anthracene (DMBA) and 11 of its enzymatically derived metabolites was tested with Chinese hamster V79 cells for identification of mutagenic metabolites. The metabolites consisted of 7-hydroxymethyl-12-methylbenz[a]anthracene, 7-methyl-12-hydroxymethylbenz[a]a...

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Both replication bypass fidelity and repair efficiency influence the yield of mutations per target dose in intact mammalian cells induced by benzo[a]pyrene-diol-epoxide and dibenzo[a,l]pyrene-diol-epoxide.

Lagerqvist, Anne; Hakansson, Daniel; Prochazka, Gabriela; Lundin, Cecilia; Dreij, Kristian; Segerback, Dan; Jernstrom, Bengt

Mutations induced by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are expected to be produced when error-prone DNA replication occurs across unrepaired DNA lesions formed by reactive PAH metabolites such as diol epoxides. The mutagenicity of the two PAH-diol epoxides (+)-anti-7,8-dihydroxy-9,10-epoxy-7,8,...

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Amphotericin B selection of mutant Chinese hamster cells with defects in the receptor-mediated endocytosis of low density lipoprotein and cholesterol biosynthesis.

Kingsley, D; Krieger, M; Segal, M; Martin, J

This paper describes a rapid and efficient two-step procedure for the isolation of mutant cells with defects in receptor-mediated endocytosis. The procedure takes advantage of two fungal metabolites, compactin (ML236B), a potent inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis, and amphotericin B, a polyene an...

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A potential antioxidant resource: Endophytic fungi from medicinal plants

Huang, WY; Cai, YZ; Xing, J; Corke, H; Sun, M

Medicinal plants and their endophytes are important resources for discovery of natural products. Several previous studies have found a positive correlation between total antioxidant capacity (TAC) and total phenolic content (TPC) of many medicinal plant extracts. However, no information is available...

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