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Transport of newly synthesized glucosylceramide to the plasma membrane by a non-Golgi pathway.

Young, W W; Warnock, D E; Blackburn, W A; Lutz, M S; Baenziger, J U

High-gradient magnetic affinity chromatography (HIMAC) has been used to obtain highly enriched plasma membranes, free of intracellular membrane contaminants, from cultured Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells in yields of > or = 80%. Using this procedure we have characterized the transport of glucos...

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Rate limitation of (Na+ + K+)-stimulated adenosinetriphosphatase by membrane acyl chain ordering.

Simon, F R; Sinensky, M; Sutherland, E; Pinkerton, F

A somatic cell mutant (CR1) of the Chinese hamster ovary cell line (CHO-K1) that is defective in the regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis can be grown under conditions in which plasma membranes from these cells display various cholesterol contents and acyl chain order parameters. The (Na+ + K+)-st...

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Preparation of ZSM-5 zeolite membranes by concentration variation with organic-free templates

Cheng, Y; Yang, Y-C; Li, J-S; Sun, X-Y; Wang, L-J

A new method of preparing ZSM-5 zeolite membranes on the outer surface of porous α-Al2O3 tubular by coating 15 nm ZSM-5 seeds without organic templates and then by varying-density synthesis with organic-free template sol-gel was investigated. A template-free nanosized ZSM-5 seeds and synthesis sol-g...

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Preparation and structure of silica membrane supported by hollow fiber

Li, J-S; Wang, L-J; Miao, L-N; Hao, Y-X; Miao, X-Y; Cheng, Y; Sun, X-Y; Liu, X-D

The silica membranes supported by α-alumina hollow fibers were prepared, and their structures, appearance and pore size distribution were characterized by small X-ray diffraction(SXRD), high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), FTIR, SEM and nitrogen adsorption isotherm measurement. ...

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PIV and CFD measurements of internal velocity in a forming drop in a liquid-liquid system

Timgren, Anna; Trägårdh, Gun; Trägårdh, Christian

A PIV method has been used to determine the internal motion in an oil drop during formation and to validate a numerical simulation of the drop formation process. The PIV system included a microscope attached to the camera, which gave a focal depth of 50 µm and a possibility to measure the velocity i...

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On Microvascular Inflammation and Intestinal Leakage in Radiation Enteropathy

Röme, Andrada

Gastrointestinal tract damage is an insidious feature in patients undergoing radiotherapy. Microvascular inflammation, including leukocyte and platelet recruitment as well as epithelial barrier dysfunction, are considered to constitute key components in the pathophysiology of radiation-induced enter...

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Mass transfer process of CO2 absorption through non-porous hollow fibre contactor

Sun, C-G; Cao, Y-M; Zuo, L; Lin, B; Jie, X-M; Yuan, Q

A non-porous hollow fiber contactor containing silicone rubber-polysulphone hollow fiber composite membranes is used for the absorption of CO2. The effects of various absorbents, liquid volumetric velocity, liquid pressure, concentration of NaOH solution and gas pressure on the efficiency of CO2 abs...

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Mass transfer mechanism of CO2 absorption through a non-porous hollow fiber contactor

Sun, C-G; Cao, Y-M; Jie, X-M; Wang, T-H; Lin, B; Yuan, Q

The mass transfer mechanism of CO2 absorption through a non-porous hollow fiber contactor was studied. In the hollow fiber contactor, silicone rubber-polysulphone hollow fiber composite membranes were used. The effects of various absorbents, liquid volumetric velocity, liquid pressure, concentration...

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Early and late functions associated with the Golgi apparatus reside in distinct compartments.

Rothman, J E; Dunphy, W G; Urbani, L J; Fries, E

Enzymes that catalyze the two successive stages of Golgi-associated processing of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides distributed differently when membranes from Chinese hamster ovary cells were centrifuged in a sucrose density gradient. A mannosidase that removes only outer, alpha-1,2-linked mannose...

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Differential Potentiation by Nystatin of the Effect of Antibiotics on Yeast and Mammalian Cells

Aszalos, Adorjan

The effect of the polyene antibiotic nystatin, used in combination with several other antibiotics, on the membranes of Candida albicans SC#8169 (yeast) cells and of Chinese hamster ovary and 3T3 (mammalian) cells was investigated. It was concluded from determinations of the viability of the yeast ce...

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Chinese hamster ovary cell population density affects intracellular concentrations of calcium-dependent regulator and ability of regulator to inhibit adenylate cyclase activity

Evain, Daniele; Anderson, Wayne B.; Klee, Claude

The adenylate cyclase activity [ATP pyrophosphate-lyase (cyclizing), EC] of crude Chinese hamster ovary cell membranes was inhibited 30-40% by low concentrations (6-600 ng/ml) of calcium-dependent regulator (CDR). This inhibitory effect was lost at concentrations of CDR above 600 ng/ml. The ...

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CFD modelling of drop formation in a liquid-liquid system

Timgren, Anna; Trägårdh, Gun; Trägårdh, Christian

The formation of an oil drop from a single capillary in a continuous phase flowing perpendicular to the capillary opening has been studied numerically. The shear stress at the interface of the forming drop, the angular velocity inside the drop and the pressure field around the drop have been determi...

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