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What is the New Chinese Currency Regime?

Shah, Ajay; Zeileis, Achim; Patnaik, Ila

The revaluation of the yuan in July 2005 was described by the Chinese central bank as a change in the currency regime, rather than merely a changed level of the exchange rate. The reform was said to involve a shift away from the fixed exchange rate, a gradual movement towards greater flexibility, an...

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Translation: an example from ancient Chinese to modern Chinese

Liu, X.; Hoede, C.

In this paper, we gave an idea of translation by means of knowledge graph theory from ancient Chinese to modern Chinese, by using an example story. Actually, we give the details of the method of translation from ancient Chinese to modern Chinese step by step as carried out by hand. From the examp...

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The type III manufactory

Palcoux, Sébastien

Using unusual objects in the theory of von Neumann algebra, as the chinese game Go or the Conway game of life (generalized on finitely presented groups), we are able to build, by hands, many type III factors.

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The stages and strategies of teacher's professional growth in developing of the value education curriculum 價值教育課程開發過程中教師專業成長的階段和策略

Ng, FP; Taplin, M; Huang, FQ; Liu, CX

This paper has described the process of teacher professional growth in developing a curriculum reform over a 20-month period in Chinese Language and Mathematics subjects of primary school. Five main partners played key roles at different stages of the teachers′ growth. The subject experts were criti...

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The regular components of the Auslander-Reiten quiver of a tilted algebra

Ringel, Claus Michael

Let B be a connected finite-dimensional hereditary algebra of infinite representation type. It is shown that there exists a regular tilting B-module if and only if B is wild and has at least three simple modules. In this way, the author determines the possible form of regular components which arise ...

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The cognitive profile of Chinese children with mathematics difficulties

Chan, BMY; Ho, CSH

This study examined how four domain-specific skills (arithmetic procedural skills, number fact retrieval, place value concept, and number sense) and two domain-general processing skills (working memory and processing speed) may account for Chinese children's mathematics learning difficulties. Childr...

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The chinese monoid

Cassaigne, Julien; Espie, Marc; Hivert, Florent; Krob, Daniel; Novelli, Jean Christophe

Nous étudions les propriétés combinatoires du monoïde chinois.

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The Review Of Recent Curriculum Development And Decision From The Historical Experience Of Hong Kong Mathematics Curriculum Development [in Chinese] 從香港數學課程發展的歷史經驗透視當前課程發展與決策的幾個問題

Wong, NY; Ngan, MY; Fok, PK; Tang, KC; Wong, KL

The Proceedings Of The 10th Curriculum Studies Academic Conference For Mainland, Taiwan And Hong Kong: Curriculum Decision Making

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Subpolar Gyre Index and the North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a Coupled Climate Model

Gao, Yong-Qi; Yu, Lei

The subpolar gyre index (SPG), derived from the analysis of sea surface height (SSH), is proposed to be a potential indicator for the North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) based on observation as well as the Ocean General Circulation Model (OGCM). We investigated the corresponden...

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Studying Malicious Websites and the Underground Economy on the Chinese Web

Zhuge, Jianwei; Holz, Thorsten; Song, Chengyu; Guo, Jinpeng; Han, Xinhui; Zou, Wei; Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik 1

The World Wide Web gains more and more popularity within China with more than 1.31 million websites on the Chinese Web in June 2007. Driven by the economic profits, cyber criminals are on the rise and use the Web to exploit innocent users. In fact, a real underground black market with thousand of pa...

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Studies of vegetation–environment relationships and vegetation dynamics in Chinese subtropical forests

Liu, Hai-Ying

Abstract The principal aim of this study was to investigate vegetation-environment relationships and examine patterns of changes in forest understorey vegetation in five Chinese subtropical forests. Furthermore, an Ecological Field Theory (EFT) model for single-tree influence on understorey vegetati...

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Some qualitative mathematics in China

Stafford, Charles

In this article, inspired by Lévi-Strauss’s comments on ‘qualitative mathematics’, I outline some features of Chinese cultural practices related to number and quantification. More specifically, I note that Chinese numerological practices are embedded in a more generally ‘structuralist’ and mathemati...

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Regiomontanus and Chinese Mathematics

Heeffer, Albrecht

This paper critically assesses the claim by Gavin Menzies that Regiomontanus knew about the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) through the Shù shū Jiǔ zhāng (SSJZ) written in 1247. Menzies uses this among many others arguments for his controversial theory that a large fleet of Chinese vessels visited I...

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Quasi-hydrostatic primitive equations for ocean global circulation models

Lucas, Carine; Petcu, Madalina; Rousseau, Antoine

Global existence of weak and strong solutions to the quasi-hydrostatic primitive equations is studied in this paper. This model, that derives from the full non-hydrostatic model for geophysical fluid dynamics in the zero-limit of the aspect ratio, is more realistic than the classical hydrostatic mod...

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Pricing bivariate option under GARCH-GH model with dynamic copula: application for Chinese market

Guegan, Dominique; Zhang, Jing

This paper develops the method for pricing bivariate contingent claims under General Autoregressive Conditionally Heteroskedastic (GARCH) process. In order to provide a general framework being able to accommodate skewness, leptokurtosis, fat tails as well as the time varying volatility that are ofte...

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Pricing bivariate option under GARCH-GH model with dynamic copula : application for Chinese market

Guegan, Dominique; Zhang, Jing

This paper develops the method for pricing bivariate contingent claims under General Autoregressive Conditionally Heteroskedastic (GARCH) process. In order to provide a general framework being able to accommodate skewness, leptokurtosis, fat tails as well as the time varying volatility that are ofte...

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Passive sentences and structural parsing

Liu, X.; Hoede, C.

Traditional language parsing is mainly based on generative grammar in English. As English and Chinese belong to two different families of language, a grammar is not sufficient for Chinese parsing although it is still important. In passive sentences in English and Chinese, there exists some simila...

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Knowledge graph analysis of some particular problems in the semantics of Chinese

Hoede, C.; Li, X.; Liu, X.; Zhang, L.

Knowledge graph theory aims at giving an analysis of language in general. The theory is tested on some particular problems in the semantics of Chinese. These problems concern word formation and the use of verbs. It is attempted to understand how words are formed and how the verb is used in Chine...

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Introduction to Chinese and Japanese tables of logarithms, with a review of secondary sources

Roegel, Denis

This document is a survey of secondary literature related to Chinese and Japanese tables of logarithms, and a reconstruction of the Chinese tables of logarithms published ca. 1720

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Indoor Air Pollution in China:Analysis of Global Warming Contributions and Exposure to Particles

Alnes,Line Winther Hansen

About 60% of the Chinese population lives in rural areas, where biomass and coal are the main sources of energy for cooking and heating. Indoor air pollution from household fuel burning is a major health concern, responsible for at least 420,000 premature deaths annually in China alone. However, les...

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Extracting causal relationships from Chinese written text

Liu, X.; Hoede, C.

Expert systems form one of the most important research areas in Artificial Intelligence. The main parts in expert systems are knowledge bases and inference engines. In the knowledge bases the main knowledge is knowledge in the form of ``IF-THEN" statements. In knowledge graphs, a new form of know...

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Documenting a process of abstraction in the mathematics of ancient China

Chemla, Karine

Since at least Dai Zhen's time, the procedures contained in Chapter 2 of The Nine Chapters on mathematical procedures (Jiuzhang suanshu) and entitled “Directly lü-ing (jinglü)” have caused difficulties to the philologists, who regularly heavily modified the received text as well as that of the comme...

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Decreasing Arctic Sea Ice Mirrors Increasing CO2 on Decadal Time Scale

Johannessen, Ola M.

Arctic sea ice is a keystone indicator of greenhouse-gas induced global climate change, which is expected to be amplified in the Arctic. Here we directly compare observed variations in arctic sea-ice extent and CO2 since the beginning of the 20th century, identifying a strengthening linkage, such th...

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Cultural differences in complex addition : efficient Chinese versus adaptive Belgians and Canadians

Imbo, Ineke; LeFevre, Jo-Anne

In the present study, the authors tested the effects of working-memory load on math problem solving in 3 different cultures: Flemish-speaking Belgians, English-speaking Canadians, and Chinese-speaking Chinese currently living in Canada. Participants solved complex addition problems (e.g., 58 + 76) i...

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Bayesian inference via classes of normalized random measures

James, Lancelot F.; Lijoi, Antonio; Pruenster, Igor

One of the main research areas in Bayesian Nonparametrics is the proposal and study of priors which generalize the Dirichlet process. Here we exploit theoretical properties of Poisson random measures in order to provide a comprehensive Bayesian analysis of random probabilities which are obtained by ...

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Arithmetic processing in the brain shaped by cultures

Feng, Shigang; Tang, Yiyuan; Chen, Kewei; Zhang, Wutian; Ji, Ye; Liu, Yijun; Shen, Junxian; Reiman, Eric M.

The universal use of Arabic numbers in mathematics raises a question whether these digits are processed the same way in people speaking various languages, such as Chinese and English, which reflect differences in Eastern and Western cultures. Using functional MRI, we demonstrated a differential cort...

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Approaches to the optimal navigation organization on the inland waterway network

Marchal, Jean; Zhang, Z.M.

ANAST: Analyse des Systèmes transport, construction navale, Fluviale et Maritime

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Applying GreenLab Model to Adult Chinese Pine Trees with Topology Simplification

Guo, Hong; Letort, Véronique; Lei, Xiangdong; Lu, Yuanchang; De Reffye, P.

This paper applied the functional structural model GreenLab to adult Chinese pine trees (pinus tabulaeformis Carr.). Basic hypotheses of the model were validated such as constant allometry rules, relative sink relationships and topology simplification. To overcome the limitations raised by the compl...

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Adaptation of the GreenLab model for analyzing sink-source relationships in Chinese Pine saplings

Guo, Hong; Letort, Veronique; Hong, Lingxia; Fourcaud, Thierry; Cournède, Paul-Henry; Lu, Yuanchang; De Reffye, Philippe

Since the 1990s, a new generation of models has emerged to simulate tree growth with consideration of both tree structure and functional processes. However, calibration of these functional-structural models (FSMs) often remains an open problem due to the topological complexity of trees and to the he...

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A glimpse of a mathematical enculturator in Chinese mathematics classrooms: An example from a shanghai lesson.

Mok, IAC

The 11th International Congress on Mathematics Education ICME-11, 6-13 July, Monterrey, Mexico.

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A gain scheduling strategy for the control and estimation of a remote robot via Internet

Jiang, Wenjuan; Kruszewski, Alexandre; Richard, Jean-Pierre; Toguyeni, Armand

A gain scheduling strategy for the controller of a remote robot based on Internet and Bluetooth networks is designed and implemented. The Internet communication is based on the Master-Slave structure, UDP protocol. The Slave comprises a PC and a mobile robot, interconnected through the protocol Blue...

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Klinge, Steffi; Middleton, Richard H.

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Zhang, Y.; Yao, Qiwei

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Yue, Kwok-choy; 余國材

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Wong, Siu-chun, Jane

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Sun, Y.; Yao, Qiwei

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Poon, Wing-pong; 潘永邦

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Leung, Siu-on, Terence

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Law, Heung-cheung; 羅向祥

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Chu, Ka-ching; 朱加正

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Cheung, Chi-kit, Fritz; 張志傑

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Chan, Yin-wai, Pamela

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Chan, Mee-yin, Becky; 陳美賢

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Chan, Lim-ha; 陳念霞

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Athreye, S.; Kapur, S.

The recent corporate evolution of China and India has been characterized by increased internationalization of firms in the form of significant outward foreign direct investment flows and overseas mergers and acquisitions. To provide a context for the papers in this ICC special issue 18:2 (2009), we...

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