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Poly(L-lysine) has different membrane transport and drug-carrier properties when complexed with heparin.

Shen, W C; Ryser, H J

Methotrexate (MTX) conjugated to a Mr 3000 poly(L-Lys) markedly inhibits the growth of Pro-3 MtxRII5-3 Chinese hamster ovarian cells, a mutant line known to be drug resistant because of defective MTX transport. In these cells, membrane transport of [3H]MTX-poly(Lys) is sharply decreased by addition ...

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Nickel Ions Increase Histone H3 Lysine 9 Dimethylation and Induce Transgene Silencing

Yan, Yan; Chen, Haobin; Kluz, Thomas; Ke, Qingdong; Costa, Max

We have previously reported that carcinogenic nickel compounds decreased global histone H4 acetylation and silenced the gpt transgene in G12 Chinese hamster cells. However, the nature of this silencing is still not clear. Here, we report that nickel ion exposure increases global H3K9 mono- and dimet...

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Inhibition of a reductive function of the plasma membrane by bacitracin and antibodies against protein disulfide-isomerase.

Wu, M; Mandel, R; Ghani, F; Ryser, H J; Peak, D

Evidence had been provided that a disulfide-linked [125I]iodotyramine/poly(D-lysine) conjugate was reductively cleaved when bound nonspecifically to the surface of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and that this cleavage was abolished by membrane-impermeant sulfhydryl blockers. The same blockers wer...

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Effect of polymers of L-lysine on the cytotoxic action of diphtheria toxin.

Eidels, L; Hart, D A

L-Lysine and poly(L-lysine) polymers of defined sizes were tested for their effect on diphtheria toxin-mediated cytotoxicity of Chinese hamster ovary cells. Poly(L-lysine)8-12 and poly(L-lysine)15 were protective, whereas lysine and lysine polymers of three and four residues were not. The protection...

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