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宁夏甘草种植基地环境与质量评价 Assess on Relationship between Environmental Conditions and Quality of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. in GAP Bases of Ningxia Region

ZHANG Qing-yun (张清云); LIMing (李明); JIANG Qi(蒋齐); WANG Ying-hua (王英华); BAO Rui(鲍瑞)


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The R- and AR-indices: Complementing the h-index

Jin, Bihui; Liang, Liming; ROUSSEAU, Ronald; EGGHE, Leo

Based on the foundation laid by the h-index we introduce and study the R- and AR-indices. These new indices eliminate some of the disadvantages of the h-index, especially when they are used in combination with the h-index. The R-index measures the h-core’s citation intensity, while AR goes one step ...

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Sexual behavior and awareness of Chinese university students in transition with implied risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection: A cross-sectional study

Xu, Guozhang; Ma, Qiaoqin; Cong, Liming; Ono-Kihara, Masako; Zamani, Saman; Ravari, Shahrzad Mortazavi; Kihara, Masahiro

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