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Radiosensitivity of Mammalian Cells: II. Radiation Effects on Macromolecular Synthesis

Walters, R. A.; Petersen, D. F.

Radiation effects on macromolecular synthesis essential for the Chinese hamster cell to traverse the life cycle and to divide have been investigated. Life-cycle analysis techniques employing inhibitors of macromolecular synthesis were used in determining the kinetics of cell growth for specific segm...

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Life-cycle assessment of carbon dioxide capture for enhanced oil recovery

Hertwich, Edgar G.; Aaberg, Martin; Singh, Bhawna; Strømman, Anders H.

The development and deployment of Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is a cornerstone of the Norwegian government's climate strategy. A number of projects are currently evaluated/planned along the Norwegian West Coast, one at Tjeldbergodden. CO2 from this project will be utilized in...

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Life Cycle Analysis of Mammalian Cells: III. The Inhibition of Division in Chinese Hamster Cells by Puromycin and Actinomycin

Puck, T. T.; Tobey, R. A.; Anderson, E. C.; Petersen, D. F.

Analysis of the effects of actinomycin and puromycin on the G2 and mitotic parts of the life cycle in Chinese hamster ovary cells grown in suspension and synchronized by thymidine treatment has been carried out. Rates of division of partially synchronized cell populations were measured in the presen...

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Life Cycle Analysis of Mammalian Cells: II. Cells from the Chinese Hamster Ovary Grown in Suspension Culture

Puck, T. T.; Petersen, D.; Sanders, P.

A method for life cycle analysis in mammalian cells which utilizes the collection function has been applied to the Chinese hamster ovary grown in suspension. The following durations were found for the various parts of the life cycle: S, 4.13 hours; G1, 4.71 hours; G2, 2.81 hours; mitosis, 0.81 hours...

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Aberrante Methylierung des p16INK4a-Promotors als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms an Bronchialaspiraten

Krücken, Anne

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde der Methylierungsstatus des p16INK4a-Promotors an Material der pulmonalen Exfoliativzytologie untersucht und seine Eignung als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms überprüft. Der Nachweis der p16INK4a-Promotor-Methylierung erfolgte...

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