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Identification of the deposited layers in landslides reservoir and investigation of the sediment yields during the later sixteenth century on the Hill Loess Plateau, China

Long, Yi; Zhang, Xinbao; Li, Min; Li, Mian; Zhang, Yunqi

There are many sediment trapping reservoirs in the Hill Loess Plateau. The Huangtuwa small catchment is selected as a research field where samples were collected in a sediment deposit profile with a vertical length of 12.73 m. By the variation of fine particle content and pollen concentration, 54 fl...

DRIVER (Chinese)


Chinese hamster lung cells synthesize and confine to the cellular domain a collagen composed solely of B chains.

Kresina, T F; Haralson, M A; Rhodes, R K; Mitchell, W M; Gay, R; Miller, E J

The acid-soluble collagen extracted from cultured Chinese hamster lung (CHL) cell layers has been isolated after limited pepsin digestion and differential salt fractionation. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of this material under denaturing conditions showed the presence of collagen chains with a...

DRIVER (Chinese)