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How transfer of R&D to emerging markets nurtures global innovation performance

Harryson, Sigvald J; Søberg, Peder

In the context of global R&D, we connect literature on knowledge management to a network-based theoretical framework helpful to analyse and explain the impact of globalisation of R&D on innovation performance. This framework is applied to two case companies, both global leaders within their respecti...

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DNA-mediated transfer of multiple drug resistance and plasma membrane glycoprotein expression.

Riordan, J R; Debenham, P G; Siminovitch, L; Kartner, N; Ling, V

Colchicine-resistant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell mutants whose resistance results from reduced drug permeability have been isolated previously in our laboratories. This reduced permeability affects a wide range of unrelated drugs, resulting in the mutants displaying a multiple drug resistance p...

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Cytotoxic action of mineral dusts on CHV 79 cells in vitro: factors affecting toxicity.

Lock, S O; Chamberlain, M

The cytotoxic action of a series of mineral dusts has been studied using Chinese hamster V79-4 cells obtained from three separate laboratories in the UK. The dusts which have been studied include samples of asbestos from the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer reference series and an international...

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Comparison of Two Rapid Whole-Blood Tests for Helicobacter pylori Infection in Chinese Patients

Suen, Roamy; Leung, Wai Keung; Falk, Matthew S.; Chan, Francis K. L.; Sung, Joseph J. Y.

Consecutive Chinese patients undergoing endoscopy for dyspepsia were tested for Helicobacter pylori infection by two rapid whole-blood tests: FlexPack HP (Abbott Laboratories) and Helisal One-Step (Cortecs Diagnostics). Biopsy-based tests (rapid urease test and histology) and the [13C]urea breath te...

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