Sample records for 电离层效应 (ionospheric effects)

Sample records 1 - 11 shown.


Simultaneous observations of reconnection pulses at Cluster and their effects on the cusp aurora observed at the Chinese Yellow River Station

Zhang, QH; Dunlop, MW; Lockwood, M; Liu, RY; Hu, HQ; Yang, HG; Hu, ZJ; Bogdanova, YV; Shen, C; Zhang, BC; Han, DS; Liu, SL

While the Cluster spacecraft were located near the high-latitude magnetopause, between 1010 and 1040 UT on 16 January 2004, three typical flux transfer event (FTE) signatures were observed. During this interval, simultaneous and conjugated all-sky camera measurements, recorded at Yellow River Statio...

DRIVER (Chinese)