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TBL in English language learning in Macau: effects on Chinese tertiary learners' beliefs and motivations

Lau, Ines

Developing effectiveness in learning is the goal of teaching. In order to achieve this goal and to bridge the gap between teaching and learning in the EFL classroom, SLA researchers in the past decades have become increasingly interested in pedagogical conceptions, such as Learner-centredness, Comm...

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Enhanced fidelity for rejoining radiation-induced DNA double-strand breaks in the G2 phase of Chinese hamster ovary cells

Krüger, Ines; Löbrich, Markus; Rothkamm, Kai

The influence of cell cycle phase on the fidelity of DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair is largely unknown. We investigated the rejoining of correct and incorrect DSB ends in synchronized populations of Chinese hamster ovary cells irradiated with 80 Gy X-rays. A specialized pulsed-field gel electr...

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Chinese traditional values and human rights: an empirical study among students in Shanghai

Kämpfer, Ines

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights clearly formulates its demands universally. When it comes to the concrete application of these rights, however, the claim for universality cannot remain unquestioned. The question that is asked is whether or not human rights fit into all cultural contex...

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