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UV micro-irradiation of the Chinese hamster cell nucleus and caffeine post-treatment immunocytochemical localization of DNA photolesions in cells with partial and generalized chromosome shattering

Cremer, Christoph; Cremer, Thomas; Hens, Luc; Baumann, Hella; Cornelis, Jan J.; Nakanishi, K.

UV micro-irradiation of a small part of the Chinese hamster nucleus and caffeine post-incubation often results in shattered chromosomes at the first post-irradiation mitosis. In some of these mitotic cells, chromosome shattering is restricted to a few chromosomes spatially related in a small area of...

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Three hamster species with different scrapie incubation times and neuropathological features encode distinct prion proteins.

McKinley, M P; Lowenstein, D H; Westaway, D; Butler, D A; DeArmond, S J; Prusiner, S B

Given the critical role of the prion protein (PrP) in the transmission and pathogenesis of experimental scrapie, we investigated the PrP gene and its protein products in three hamster species, Chinese (CHa), Armenian (AHa), and Syrian (SHa), each of which were found to have distinctive scrapie incub...

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Synthesis and behaviour of small RNA species of CHO cells submitted to a heat chick.

Zalta, J P; Bouche, G; Amalric, F; Caizergues-Ferrer, M; Banville, D; Simard, R

Incubation of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells for 1 hour at 43 degrees C results in an inhibition of high molecular weight RNA synthesis while most of the ow molecular weight RNAs are still synthesized. In cells returned to 37 degrees C, the transcription of high molecular weight RNA is reinitiate...

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Nick-translation of metaphase chromosomes: in vitro labeling of nuclease-hypersensitive regions in chromosomes.

Kuo, M T; Plunkett, W

Chinese hamster metaphase chromosomes were labeled by nick-translation, which involved pretreatment of metaphase chromosomes with low levels of DNase I followed by incubation with DNA polymerase I and radioactively labeled nucleotides. The labeled DNA was located on nuclease-hypersensitive regions o...

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Induction of chromosome shattering by ultraviolet light and caffeine

Cremer, Christoph; Cremer, Thomas; Zorn, Christian; Zimmer, J.

Synchronized and asynchronously growing cells of a V79 sub-line of the Chinese hamster were either partial-cell irradiation (λ, 254 nm) or laser-UV-microirradiated (λ, 257 nm). Post-incubation with caffeine (1–2 mM) often resulted in chromosome shattering, which was a rare event in the absence of th...

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Effects of heat shock on gene expression and subcellular protein distribution in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Zalta, J P; Bouche, G; Caizergues-Ferrer, M; Amalric, F

Incubation of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells for one hour at 43 degrees C results in several obvious changes in protein distribution and protein synthesis. One major protein of the cytoplasm (molecular weight 45,000 daltions), also present as a minor component in the nucleus, rapidly disappeared ...

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Effect of cycloheximide on development of methotrexate resistance of Chinese hamster ovary cells treated with inhibitors of DNA synthesis.

Sherwood, S W; Schimke, R T; Schumacher, R I

We examined the effects of 18 h of incubation of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO K1) cells with cycloheximide, hydroxyurea, and aphidicolin. Treatment of cells with cycloheximide alone at a concentration adequate to inhibit DNA synthesis to less than 10% of control was significantly less cytotoxic and cl...

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Cell cycle-dependent effects on deoxyribonucleotide and DNA labeling by nucleoside precursors in mammalian cells.

Leeds, J M; Mathews, C K

dCTP pools equilibrated to equivalent specific activities in Chinese hamster ovary cells or in nuclei after incubation of cells with radiolabeled nucleosides, indicating that dCTP in nuclei does not constitute a distinct metabolic pool. In the G1 phase, [5-3H]deoxycytidine labeled dCTP to unexpected...

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Arsenic bioavailability in the soil amended with leaves of arsenic hyperaccumulator, Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.)

Du, X.; Cui, Y.S.; Weng, L.; Cao, Q.; Zhu, Y.

An incubation experiment was carried out to better understand the fate of As during the decomposition of As-rich Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.) leaves and to assess As bioavailability in soil. Dried fern leaves with an As concentration of 1,150 +/- 14 microg/g were amended with unpolluted so...

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