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Validation of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Adolescents Across Different Ethnic Groups

Haroun, D; Taylor, SJC; Viner, RM; Hayward, RS; Darch, TS; Eaton, S; Cole, TJ; Wells, JCK

Adolescent obesity is difficult to assess in multi-ethnic populations using BMI, due to variability in the BMI-fatness relationship. We aimed to describe body composition (BC), and to validate leg-leg bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), in adolescents from different ethnic groups using deuterium...

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Prediction of percentage body fat from anthropometry and bioelectrical impedance in Singaporean and Beijing Chinese

Deurenberg, P.; Deurenberg-Yap, M.; Jingzhong Wang; Fu Po Lin; Schmidt, G.

Body composition was measured in 205 male and female Beijing Chinese and in 148 male and female Singaporean Chinese, age 34 (mean) (range 18-68) years and body mass index (BMI) 22.3 (15.9-38.5) kg/m 2. In Beijing Siri's two-compartment model based on densitometry was used as a reference technique an...

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Arterial hemodynamics in human hypertension.

Wang, S P; Ting, C T; Lin, S J; Brin, K P; Chang, M S; Chiang, B N; Yin, F C

Differences in aortic impedance between normotensives and hypertensives are not well characterized. We examined impedance in 8 normotensive and 11 hypertensive (mean 96.7 vs. 122.2 mmHg) age-matched, Chinese patients undergoing cardiac catheterization at rest, during nitroprusside, and handgrip exer...

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