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Mild hydrolysis and alcohol compounds of humic acids

Sen, Dou; Lichtfouse, Eric; Mariotti, André

Alcohol compounds of humic acid (HA) hydrolyzed products were studied by using alkaline mild hydrolysis, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and GC—MC. The results showed that the alcohols content in HA hydrolyzed products were saturated alcohol>sterol>unsaturated linear alcohol. Saturated alcohols were...

DRIVER (Chinese)


Contribution of chlorination to the mutagenic activity of drinking water extracts in Salmonella and Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Douglas, G R; Lebel, G; Nestmann, E R

The production of chlorinated by-products through chlorine disinfection of drinking water has been well documented. Natural organic precursors for these chemicals include fulvic and humic acids, the chlorination of which leads to the production of mutagenic compounds. Comparisons of extracts of raw ...

DRIVER (Chinese)