Sample records for 人染色体6 (human chromosome 6)

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Localization of the nucleotide excision repair gene ERCC-6 to human chromosome 10q11-q21.

Troelstra, C.; Landsvater, R.M.; Wiegant, J.; Ploeg, M. van der; Viel, G.; Buys, C.H.C.M.; Hoeijmakers, J.H.J.

We have cloned the human DNA excision repair gene ERCC6 by virtue of its ability to correct the uv sensitivity of Chinese hamster overy cell mutant UV61. This mutant is a member of complementation group 6 of the nucleotide excision repair-deficient rodent mutants. By means of in situ hybridization a...

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Association of hypertension with single nucleotide polymorphisms in the quantitative trait locus for abdominal obesity-metabolic syndrome on chromosome 17

Cheung, BMY; Leung, RYH; Man, YB; Ong, KL; Wong, LYF; Lau, CP; Lam, KSL

Genome scan in Chinese revealed an association of blood pressure with the microsatellite marker D17S1303, which lies in a quantitative trait locus for the abdominal obesity-metabolic syndrome (AOMS2) at 17p12 on chromosome 17. We previously reported that D17S1303 was associated with hypertension and...

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Aberrante Methylierung des p16INK4a-Promotors als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms an Bronchialaspiraten

Krücken, Anne

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde der Methylierungsstatus des p16INK4a-Promotors an Material der pulmonalen Exfoliativzytologie untersucht und seine Eignung als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms überprüft. Der Nachweis der p16INK4a-Promotor-Methylierung erfolgte...

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A study on the association of the chromosome 12p13 locus with sporadic late-onset Alzheimer's disease in Chinese

Li, Y; Chu, LW; Li, Z; Yik, PY; Song, YQ

Recent linkage and association studies have implicated the chromosome 12p13 locus as possibly harboring genetic variants predisposed to Alzheimer's disease (AD). We attempted to replicate this association in a Chinese data set comprised of 256 AD cases and 264 age-matched normal controls. A total of...

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