Sample records for 人染色体3 (human chromosome 3)

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Localization of the xeroderma pigmentosum group B-correcting gene ERCC-3 to human chromosome 2q21.

Weeda, G.; Wiegant, J.; Ploeg, M. van der; Geurts van Kessel, A.H.M.; Eb, A.J. van der; Hoeijmakers, J.H.J.

The human excision-repair gene ERCC3 was cloned after DNA-mediated gene transfer to the uv-sensitive Chinese hamster ovary mutant cell line 27-1, a member of complementation group 3 of the excision-defective rodent cell lines. The ERCC3 gene specifically corrects the DNA repair defect of xeroderma p...

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Identification of a cell-surface antigen produced by a gene on human chromosome 3 (cen-q22) and not expressed by Rhnull cells.

Palmer, D K; Miller, Y E; Jones, C; Daniels, G L

A monoclonal antibody, 1D8, which recognizes a cell-surface antigen expressed by human chromosome 3 in Chinese hamster-human somatic-cell hybrids, has been produced. Testing of hybrids containing various deletions of chromosome 3 determines that the gene encoding the antigen is regionally localized ...

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Analysis of chromosome positions in the interphase nucleus of Chinese hamster cells by laser-UV-microirradiation experiments

Cremer, Thomas; Cremer, Christoph; Schneider, T.; Baumann, Hella; Hens, Luc; Kirsch-Volders, M.

Unsynchronized cells of an essentially diploid strain of female Chinese hamster cells derived from lung tissue (CHL) were laser-UV-microirradiated (=257 nm) in the nucleus either at its central part or at its periphery. After 7–9 h postincubation with 0.5 mM caffeine, chromosome preparations were ma...

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Aberrante Methylierung des p16INK4a-Promotors als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms an Bronchialaspiraten

Krücken, Anne

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde der Methylierungsstatus des p16INK4a-Promotors an Material der pulmonalen Exfoliativzytologie untersucht und seine Eignung als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms überprüft. Der Nachweis der p16INK4a-Promotor-Methylierung erfolgte...

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