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Predominance of core histones in formation of DNA--protein crosslinks in gamma-irradiated chromatin.

Mee, L K; Adelstein, S J

Chromatin and a subunit of chromatin containing a complex of DNA and the core histones--H2A, H2B, H3, and H4--have been prepared from cultured Chinese hamster cells. Comparison of the formation of radiation-induced DNA--protein crosslinks in whole chromatin with that in the DNA--core histone complex...

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Distribution of the core histones H2A.H2B.H3 and H4 during cell replication.

Fowler, E; El-Saidy, S; Farb, R

The distribution of newly synthesized core histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 relative to the DNA strand synthesized in the same generation has been examined in replicating Chinese Hamster ovary cells. Cells are grown for one generation in [14C]-lysine and thymidine, and then for one generation in [3H]-ly...

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A partial characterization of DNA fragments protected from nuclease degradation in histone depleted metaphase chromosomes of the Chinese hamster.

Jeppesen, P G; Bankier, A T

A small proportion (0.1-0.5%) of the total DNA content of native Chinese hamster metaphase chromosomes is protected from nucleolytic degradation following the removal of histones by extraction with either 0.2 N HCl or 2 M NaCl, and remains attached to the nonhistone protein core. Acid extraction fol...

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