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Disaster Reduction Decision Support System Against Debris Flows and Landslides Along Highway in Mountainous Area

Li, Fabin; Wei, Fangqiang; Cui, Peng; Zhou, Wancun

Highways in mountainous areas are easy to be damaged by such natural disasters as debris flows and landslides and disaster reduction decision support system (DRDSS) is one of the important means to mitigate these disasters. Guided by the theories and technologies of debris flow and landslide reducti...

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Byways and Highways of Direct Investment: China and the Offshore World

William Vlcek; University of St. Andrews

This paper examines a lacuna in the literature on foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to China: the absence of analysis for the prominent location of small Caribbean and Pacific islands as leading sources of FDI. An indeterminate amount of domestic capital is embedded in these FDI flows, which dis...

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