Sample records for 高能物理 (high energy physics)

Sample records 1 - 6 shown.


Status report on organo-metallic beams at GANIL

Leherissier, P.; Barue, C.; Canet, C.; Dubois, M.; Flambard, J.L.; Jaffres, P.A.; Jardin, P.; Gaubert, G.; Lecesne, N.

Previous experiments with organo-metallic compounds like ferrocene, nickelocene and magnesocene showed that a pure spectrum must be obtained on the residual,gas mass analyser before running successfully on the ion source. In collaboration with the chemistry department of the University of Caen, LCMT...

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Pion charge form factor and constraints from space-time translations

Desplanques, B.; Dong, Yu Bing

The role of Poincaré covariant space-time translations is investigated in the case of a relativistic quantum mechanics approach to the pion charge form factor. It is shown that the related constraints are generally inconsistent with the assumption of a single-particle current, which is most often re...

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ECR Ion sources for radioactive ion beam production

Jardin, P.; Canet, C.; Cornell, J.C.; Dupuis, M.; Eléon, C.; Flambard, J.L.; Gaubert, G.; Lecesne, N.; Leherissier, P.

ECRIS's dedicated to radioactive ion producton must be as efficient as those used for production of stable elements, but in addition they are subject to more specific constraints such as radiation hardness, short atom-to-ion transformation time, beam purity and low cost. Up to now, different target/...

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