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重庆市矸石山环境地质灾害效应及稳定性分析 Effects of environmental and geological hazards of gangue hills and their stability analyses in Chongqing

DONG Qian(董倩); LIU Dong-yan(刘东燕); PENG Wen-xuan(彭文轩)


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新疆罗布麻生态类型及其纤维品质研究 Study on Ecotype of Apocynum in Xinjiang and Its Fiber Quality

Zhang Weiming(张卫明); Xiao Zhengehun(肖正春); Zhang Guanglun(张广伦); Gu Gongping(顾龚平)

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Visual perception of male body attractiveness

Wu, J.; Fan, J.; Liu, F.; Dai, W.

Based on 69 scanned Chinese male subjects and 25 Caucasian male subjects, the present study showed that the volume height index (VHI) is the most important visual cue to male body attractiveness of young Chinese viewers among the many body parameters examined in the study. VHI alone can explain ca. ...

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The clinical implication of the vocal cords-carina distance in anaesthetized Chinese adults during orotracheal intubation

Chong, DYC; Greenland, KB; Tan, ST; Irwin, MG; Hung, CT

BACKGROUND: Previous studies have identified no strong correlation between patients' height and tracheal length in anaesthetized patients. We have attempted to compare vocal cords-carina distance (VCD) in Chinese patients with the dimensions of five commonly used tracheal tubes. In addition, we atte...

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Subpolar Gyre Index and the North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a Coupled Climate Model

Gao, Yong-Qi; Yu, Lei

The subpolar gyre index (SPG), derived from the analysis of sea surface height (SSH), is proposed to be a potential indicator for the North Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) based on observation as well as the Ocean General Circulation Model (OGCM). We investigated the corresponden...

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Stunting and selection effects of famine: a case study of the great Chinese famine

Gørgens, Tue; Meng, Xin; Vaithianathan, Rhema

The Great Chinese Famine of 1959-1961 is puzzling, since despite the high death rates, there is no discernable diminution in height amongst the majority of cohorts who were exposed to the famine in crucial growth years. An explanation is that shorter children experienced greater mortality and that t...

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Report on childhood obesity in China (5) Body weight, body dissatisfaction, and depression symptoms of Chinese children aged 9-10 years

Li, Y.P.; Ma, G.S.; Schouten, E.G.; Hu, X.Q.; Cui, Z.H.; Wang, D.; Kok, F.J.

To investigate the relationship between body weight, body dissatisfaction and depression symptoms among Chinese children. METHODS: The fasting body weight and height of the third and fourth grade students (n = 3886, aged 9 or 10 years) from 20 schools in Beijing, China, were measured, and the studen...

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Predicting stature from knee height in Chinese elderly subjects

Li, ETS; Tang, EKY; Wong, CYM; Lui, SSH; Chan, VYN; Dai, DLK

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Is measurement of adult height useful in screening for primary angle closure?

Chang, L; Aung, T; Low, S; Wong, TY; Khaw, PT; Foster, PJ

Background Adult height is independently related to ocular dimensions and shorter people have shorter globes and shallower anterior chambers. We investigated the relationship between adult height and angle dimensions to explore measuring height as a possible screening test for angle closure.Methods ...

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Is height associated with cardiovascular risk in Chinese adults?

Schooling, CM; Thomas, GN; Leung, GM; Ho, DSY; Janus, ED; Lam, TH

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Diallel analyses of agronomic traits using Chinese and U.S. maize germplasm.

Glover, M.A.; Willmot, D.B.; Darrah, L.L.; Hibbard, B.E.; Zhu, X.; USDA, ARS

Added genetic diversity among commercial maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids may further increase yields and safeguard against vulnerability. Introducing exotic germplasm into breeding programs would increase the genetic base from which elite commercial inbreds are derived. Ten populations of maize, created...

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Anthropometry of love - height and gender asymmetries in interethnic marriages

Belot, Michèle; Fidrmuc , Jan

Both in the UK and in the US, we observe puzzling gender asymmetries in the propensity to outmarry: Black men are more likely to have white spouses than Black women, but the opposite is true for Chinese: Chinese men are half less likely to be married to a White person than Chinese women. We argue th...

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A new reference PEFR nomogram for Hong Kong Chinese

Chan, MSH; Wong, NM; Kong, AYF; Lam, TP; Wun, YT; Tam, W

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Quanjer, PH; Stanojevic, S; Stocks, J; Hall, GL; Prasad, KVV; Cole, TJ; Rosenthal, M; Perez-Padilla, R; Hankinson, JL

In children, the ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) to forced vital capacity (FVC) is reportedly constant or falls linearly with age, whereas the ratio of residual volume (RV) to total lung capacity (TLC) remains constant. This seems counter-intuitive given the changes in airway propert...

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Ling, Kit Tong; 凌傑棠

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Cheung, Hon-ching; 張漢靑

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