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Surface temperature distribution of Chinese kangs

Qian, H; Li, Y; Zhang, XS; Liu, JP

This study is attempted to improve local thermal comfort of Chinese kang through improving the uniformity of the faceplate temperature distribution using computational fluid dynamics simulations. The faceplate temperature of kangs is determined by the heat input to the kangs, the smoke flows, and th...

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Smoke flow in Chinese kangs

Zhuang, Z; Li, Y; Chen, B

Chinese kangs are widely used today, in nearly 85% of rural homes by 175 million people in Northern China. While Chinese kangs are a potentially energy sustainable solution for home heating, existing systems are characterized by their poor energy efficiency and significant concerns about the impact ...

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Indoor Air Pollution in China:Analysis of Global Warming Contributions and Exposure to Particles

Alnes,Line Winther Hansen

About 60% of the Chinese population lives in rural areas, where biomass and coal are the main sources of energy for cooking and heating. Indoor air pollution from household fuel burning is a major health concern, responsible for at least 420,000 premature deaths annually in China alone. However, les...

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Evidence for localized cell heating induced by infrared optical tweezers.

Berns, M W; Liu, Y; Sonek, G J; Cheng, D K; Chapman, C F; Tromberg, B J

The confinement of liposomes and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells by infrared (IR) optical tweezers is shown to result in sample heating and temperature increases by several degrees centigrade, as measured by a noninvasive, spatially resolved fluorescence detection technique. For micron-sized spher...

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