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Income Growth, Price Variation and Health Care Demand: A Mixed Logit Model Applied to Tow-period Comparison in Rural China

Audibert, Martine; He, Yong; Mathonnat, Jacky

1989-2006 is a period of the start and the end of deregulation of Chinese health care sector and of disintegration of rural cooperative insurance system. During this period, the government health policy has turned healthcare providers all alike into profit seeking entities. Face to perverse effects,...

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Healthcare access for migrants in China : A new frontier

Milcent, Carine

How can healthcare access for Chinese migrants be improved? Migrant workers face two types of healthcare-access exclusion in the workplace: a financial one (via income) and a legislative one (from the "hukou"). We use 2006 data from a survey of rural migrant workers conducted in five of the most eco...

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Yi, Y.; Maynard, A.; Liu, G.; Xiong, X.; Lin, F.

This paper uses multi-year, individual-level data to evaluate the effects of the current Chinese urban employee health insurance reform on equity in health care financing. It found that the new Urban Employee Basic Health Insurance Scheme financed by personal medical savings accounts (MSAs) plus a s...

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