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The social in social work practice - Shamans and social workers

Ng, HY

Byneglecting the religious dimension, social work practice has not only negated its social roots, but also deprived both client and worker of a valuable source of help. Chinese shamanic healing is contrasted with casework practice and implications are drawn for re-establishing the `social' dimension...

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Symptom Resolution Does Not Predict Healing of Erosive Oesophagitis in Chinese

Cheung, TK; Wong, RWM; Wong, YH; Chan, CK; Fung, JYY; Yuen, RMF; Chan, AOO; Tong, SM; Wong, BCY

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Psychosocial oncology and palliative care in Hong Kong : the first decade

This book documents some, but by no means all, of the developments that have occurred in the past decade in the area of psychosocial oncology and palliative care in Hong Kong. Contributions describing interventions by practitioners involved in service development in nursing, social work and clinical...

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But is it [history of] medicine? Twenty years in the history of the healing arts of China

Lo, V.

This article sets out to give an account of changes to the map of the history of Chinese medicine in the last 20 years. Concentrating mainly on English language secondary sources, it charts shifting aspirations for social history of medicine in China, the impact of anthropology and the tensions betw...

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Chu, Yuet-wah; 朱月華

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