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四川南充市区珠颈斑鸠的繁殖生态学和巢址选择 Breeding Ecology and Nest-site Selection of the Spotted Doves in Northeastern Sichuan, China

ZHOU You-Bing(周友兵); ZHANG Jing-Xia(张璟霞); SUO Jian-Zhong(索建中); JIANG Guang-Hua(江广华); HU Jin-Chu(胡锦矗); CHEN Jin(陈进)

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Systematic Notes on Asian Birds. 64. The range of the Chinese Nuthatch Sitta villosa and an evaluation of subspecies validity

Nazarenko, A.A.

A critical analysis of the literature regarding Sitta villosa and the examination of specimens has shown that the range of this species is divisible into three main areas. These are well separated and each population is best treated as a valid subspecies, although for corea, the easternmost populati...

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Low among-population genetic differentiation in Chinese bisexual Artemia populations

Naihong, X.; Audenaert, E.; Vanoverbeke, J.; Brendonck, L.; Sorgeloos, P.; De Meester, L.

We studied the population genetic structure of nine bisexual Artemia sinica populations from the provinces of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Qinghai in China, using variation at nine allozyme loci (cellulose acetate electrophoresis). There is a clear-cut tendency for an increase in genetic variat...

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Assessment of giant panda habitat based on integration of expert system and neural network

Liu, X.; Skidmore, A.K.; Bronsveld, M.C.

To conserve giant panda effectively, it is important to understand the spatial pattern and temporal change of its habitat. Mapping is an effective approach for wildlife habitat evaluation and monitoring. The application of recently developed artificial intelligence tools, including expert systems an...

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Law, Man-kwan; 羅文君

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Hung, Ka-yiu, Samuel; 洪家耀

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