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Yardstick competition in a Federation: Theory and Evidence from China

Caldeira, Emilie

While some scholars argue that fiscal decentralization gave Chinese local officials strong incentives to promote local economic growth, traditional fiscal federalism theories are not directly relevant to explain such an effect in the particular context of China. In this paper, we explain the existen...

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What has driven Chinese monetary policy since 1990? Investigating the people's bank's policy rules

Burdekin, Richard C. K.; Siklos, Pierre L.

Post-1990 Chinese monetary policy is modeled with a McCallum-type rule that takes into account the People's Bank of China's emphasis on targeting the rate of money supply growth. People's Bank policy appears responsive to the gap between target and actual nominal GDP as well as to external pressures...

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Village modeling : a Chinese recipe for blending general equilibrium and household modeling

Kuiper, M.H.

The transformation of China into an outward-looking and increasingly industrialized country resulted in unprecedented growth rates. Benefits of economic growth, however, have not been distributed evenly and rising income inequality threatens social stability and future growth. High urban incomes att...

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US pressure on China's currency: Milton Friedman and the silver episode revisited

Burdekin, Richard C. K.

Post-2003 US pressure for Chinese currency appreciation has met with concerns regarding the possible impact on China's economic growth and vulnerable financial system. Such pressure was transmitted in a more tangible form in the 1930s under the post-1933 US silver purchase program. New empirical evi...

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The Strawberry Growth Underneath the Nettle: the emergence of entrepreneurs in China

Krug, B.; Polos, L.

Chinese entrepreneurs innovatively manage organisations in the absence of strong economic institutions, under conditions of high environmental and technological uncertainty. This paper presents the findings of an empirical study designed to investigate how Chinese entrepreneurs can be successful in ...

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The Impact of Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions on Local Economic Growth in China

Cheng, X.; Degryse, H.A.

This paper provides evidence on the relationship between finance and growth in a fast growing country, such as China.Employing data of 27 Chinese provinces over the period 1995-2003, we study whether the financial development of two different types of institutions - banks and non-bank financial inst...

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The Chinese State Owned Enterprises' Reform. An overview

António, Nélson

The stunning economic growth of China for the past century and its open-door policy to the world market.

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Structural change, land use and the state in China: making sense of three divergent processes

Arsel, M.; Dasgupta, A.

Rapid economic growth involves significant changes in land use patterns. The paper uses the recent history of Chinese economic growth to highlight and interrogate the implication of such changes within the context of structural transformation. It argues that though land use change is an important un...

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Stress and psychosomatic symptoms in Chinese school children: cross-sectional survey

Hesketh, T; Zhen, Y; Lu, L; Dong, ZX; Jun, YX; Xing, ZW

Objective: The Chinese educational system is highly competitive from the start of primary school with great emphasis on academic performance and intolerance of failure. This study aimed to explore the pressures on primary schoolchildren, and to determine the relationship between these pressures and ...

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Return Correlation of China's Real Estate and Stock Markets

Yang, Yang; Ye, Enyang

China’s economy has experienced a spectacular growth and achieved a remarkable success over the past three decades. Opportunities created by the striking economic growth have led China’s most important investment markets, real estate and stock markets to undertake an enormous transformation and deve...

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Relationships between submicrometer particulate air pollution and air mass history in Beijing, China, 2004?2006

Wehner, B.; Birmili, W.; Ditas, F.; Wu, Z.; Hu, M.; Liu, X.; Mao, J.; Sugimoto, N.; Wiedensohler, A.

The Chinese capital Beijing is one of the global megacities where the effects of rapid economic growth have led to complex air pollution problems that are not well understood. In this study, ambient particle number size distributions in Beijing between 2004 and 2006 are analysed as a function of reg...

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Regional convergence of output per worker in China : a neoclassical interpretation

Gundlach, Erich

Regional output per worker has converged across Chinese provinces in 1979- 1989. The estimated rate of convergence is 2.2 percent. This rate of convergence can be explained by neoclassical growth model conditional on assumptions about factor mobility and production elasticities. My empirical results...

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Property rights protection and corporate R&D: Evidence from China

Lin, C; Lin, P; Song, FM

Following the recent literature on institutions and economic growth, we examine the effects of property rights protection on corporate R&D. Using a unique 2003 World Bank survey of over 2400 firms in 18 Chinese cities, we obtain the following findings: (1) property rights protection is positively an...

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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Poverty and inequality and social policy in China

Li, Bingqin; Piachaud, David

Despite prolonged economic growth, poverty has become a more notable and noted feature of Chinese society. The paper examines three phases of development since the foundation of the People’s Republic: the central planning era (1949 –1978); the pro-urban growth model (1978 – 1999); and more recent ch...

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On the Economic Opportunities for Flemish SMEs in China

Vanuytven, Kimberly

The Chinese economy has been thriving for several years. Its growth seems unstoppable, which creates new opportunities for businesses all over the world. In fact, there are also opportunities for Flemish SMEs in China. And although there is a lot of information available, it is too scattered among d...

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Kulturelle Hybridisierung und Wirtschaftstransformation in China

Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

In many analyses of the Chinese so-called economic miracle, cultural factors loom large. This paper offers a brief overview of recent economic approaches to culture and puts these into an analytical framework that highlights the dynamic and creative aspects of culture. I argue that China is a model ...

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Is childhood meat eating associated with better later adulthood cognition in a developing population?

Heys, Michelle; Jiang, Chaoqiang; Schooling, Mary C.; Zhang, WeiSen; Cheng, Keung Kar; Lam, Hing Tai; Leung, M. Gabriel

Inadequate childhood nutrition is associated with poor short-term academic and cognitive outcomes. Dietary supplementation with meat is associated with better cognitive outcome in children. Whether childhood nutrition has life long effects on cognitive function is unclear. We examined the associatio...

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Is There Evidence of FDI Spillover on Chinese Firms’ Productivity and Innovation?

Hale, Galina; Long, Cheryl

We review previous literature on productivity spillovers of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China and conduct our own analysis using a crosssection of firm data. We find that the evidence of FDI spillovers on the productivity of Chinese domestic firms is mixed, with many positive results largely ...

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Impact of growing income inequality on sustainable development in China: a provincial-level analysis

Heerink, N.B.M.; Ma, J.

A growing body of literature has documented the rapidly increasing income disparities that accompanied China's economic growth in the 1980s and 1990s, and the driving factors behind this. Growing income inequality in its turn may have important implications for the accumulation of physical capital, ...

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How transfer of R&D to emerging markets nurtures global innovation performance

Harryson, Sigvald J; Søberg, Peder

In the context of global R&D, we connect literature on knowledge management to a network-based theoretical framework helpful to analyse and explain the impact of globalisation of R&D on innovation performance. This framework is applied to two case companies, both global leaders within their respecti...

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Guanxi-verkostojen merkitys kiinalaisessa liiketoimintaympäristössä

Hirvonen, Anne; Matveinen, Tarja

Kiina muuttuu valtavaa vauhtia. Entinen suljettu valtio on kasvanut jättimahdiksi ja yhtäjak-soinen talouskasvu on jatkunut yhdeksän prosentin vuositasolla vuodesta 1979 lähtien. Ulko-maisia yrityksiä kiinnostavat Kiinan halvat työvoimakustannukset ja valtavat markkinat, mutta kiinalaiseen liiketoim...

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Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese Cities

Cole, Matthew A.; Elliott, Robert J.R.; Zhang, Jing

In this paper we investigate the relationship between economic growth and industrial pollution emissions in China using data for 112 major cities between 2001 and 2004. Using disaggregated data we separate FDI inflows from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan from those of other foreign economies. We examine...

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Growing out of poverty: trends and patterns of urban poverty in China 1988 - 2002

Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina; Xia, Qingjie

This paper estimates trends in absolute poverty in urban China from 1988 to 2002 using the Chinese Household Income Project (CHIP) surveys. Poverty incidence curves are plotted, showing that poverty has fallen markedly during the period regardless of the exact location of the poverty line. Income in...

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Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Growth in China

Huang, Shuo

China has experienced rapid economic growth and the recent Global Economic Projections 2004 by the World Bank suggest that there is a continuation of Chinese growth of at lest 7 to 8 percent (World Bank, 2003). Nevertheless, on the background of rapid growth came increasing regional disparities. Thi...

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Financial Development, Economic Efficiency and Productivity Growth: Evidence from China

Guillaumont Jeanneney, Sylviane; Hua, Ping; Liang, Zhicheng

Financial development may lead to productivity improvement in developing countries. In this paper, based on the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach, we use the Malmquist index to measure China's total factor productivity change and its two components (i.e., efficiency change and technical progr...

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Effects of fertilization on the growth, photosynthetic characteristics and yield of Coffea Arabica

Cai, Z.Q.; Cai, C.T.; Qi, X.; Yao, T.Q.

Coffea arabica is a major economic plant in agriculture plantation in tropical and subtropical areas in the world. This paper reports the experimental results on the fertilization strategy in Yunnan, China. Effects of varied levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) nutrients on the grow...

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Economic reform, education expansion, and earnings inequality for urban males in China, 1988 - 2007

Meng, Xin; Shen, Kailing; Xue, Sen

In the past 20 years the average real earnings of Chinese urban male workers have increased by 350 per cent. Accompanying this unprecedented growth is a considerable increase in earnings inequality. Between 1988 and 2007 the variance of log earnings increased from 0.27 to 0.48, a 78 per cent increas...

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Economic liberalization with rising segmentation in China's urban labor market

Démurger, Sylvie; Fournier, Martin; Li, Shi; Wei, Zhong

The massive downsizing of the state-owned sector and the concomitant impressive growth of the private sector at the end of the 1990s have altered the nature of the Chinese labor market. The introduction of market mechanisms has contributed to increasing labor turnover and competitiveness in market w...

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Does news on real Chinese GDP growth impact stock markets?

Franses, Ph.H.B.F.; Mees, H.

Real GDP growth in China follows a random walk. Also, it has often been suggested that China “cooks its books”, that is to say that governmental officials in China manipulate economic statistics such as GDP growth rate to present the outside world a rosy picture (Foreign Policy, September 3, 2009). ...

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Does accounting for spatial effects help forecasting the growth of Chinese provinces?

Girardin, Eric; Kholodilin, Konstantin A.

In this paper, we make multi-step forecasts of the annual growth rates of the real GRP for each of the 31 Chinese provinces simultaneously. Beside the usual panel data models, we use panel models that explicitly account for spatial dependence between the GRP growth rates. In addition, the possibilit...

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Could financial distortions be no impediment to economic growth after all ? evidence from China.

Guariglia, A.; Poncet, S.

Using data for 30 Chinese provinces over the period 1989–2003, this study examines the relationship between finance, and real GDP, capital, and total factor productivity growth. We find that traditionally used indicators of financial development and China-specific indicators measuring the level of s...

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Chinese manufacturing performance in comparative perspective, 1980-2002

Szirmai, Adam; Ren, Ruoen; Bai, Manyin

This paper uses the detailed information in the 1995 Census of Industrial Production as a benchmark for analysing the coverage, concepts and consistency of published statistical series. On the basis of the analysis, the paper proposes a series of adjustments which result in more consistent long-run ...

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China’s Employment Crisis – A Stimulus for Policy Change? Chinas Beschäftigungskrise - Antrieb für einen Politikwechsel?

Günter Schucher; GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

In the face of severe job problems, China’s government has adopted a huge stimulus package in a bid to achieve eight per cent economic growth, which is said to guarantee at least enough jobs for the new entrants to the labour market. The real situation, however, will be much grimmer than statistics ...

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China’s Climate- and Energy-security Dilemma: Shaping a New Path of Economic Growth

Karl Hallding; Stockholm Environment Institute; Guoyi Han; Stockholm Environment Institute; Marie Olsson; Stockholm Environment Institute

China is undergoing modernization at a scale and speed the world has never witnessed. As climate change increasingly dominates the global agenda, China faces the challenge of shaping a new growth path in a climate-constrained world. The paper argues that China’s current climate and energy policy is,...

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China's employment crisis - a stimulus for policy change?

Schucher, Günter

In the face of severe job problems, China's government has adopted a huge stimulus package in a bid to achieve eight per cent economic growth, which is said to guarantee at least enough jobs for the new entrants to the labour market. The real situation, however, will be much grimmer than statistics ...

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China's climate- and energy-security dilemma: shaping a new path of economic growth

Hallding, Karl; Han, Guoyi; Olsson, Marie

China is undergoing modernization at a scale and speed the world has never witnessed. As climate change increasingly dominates the global agenda, China faces the challenge of shaping a new growth path in a climate-constrained world. The paper argues that China's current climate and energy policy is,...

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Casino capitalism and its legitimacy impact on the politico-administrative state in Macau

Lo, Sonny

Casino capitalism has its dialectical tendencies in Macau. On the one hand, it stimulates economic growth, provides employment, and strengthens the post-colonial state in Macau during the period of economic boom. On the other hand, casino capitalism can widen the income gap between the rich and the ...

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Casino Capitalism and Its Legitimacy Impact on the Politico-administrative State in Macau Der Kasino-Kapitalismus in Macau und seine Bedeutung für die Legitimität des politisch-administrativen Systems

Sonny Lo

Casino capitalism has its dialectical tendencies in Macau. On the one hand, it stimulates economic growth, provides employment, and strengthens the post-colonial state in Macau during the period of economic boom. On the other hand, casino capitalism can widen the income gap between the rich and the ...

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Zou, Huan; Chen, Xiaoyun

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Zou, Huan

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Yueh, Linda. Y

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Morgan, Stephen Lloyd

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Bramall, Chris

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Bramall, Chris

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