Sample records for 高尔基体 (golgi apparatus)

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Transient production of recombinant proteins by chinese hamster ovary cells using polyethyleneimine/DNA complexes in combination with microtubule disrupting anti-mitotic agents

Tait, AS; Brown, CJ; Galbraith, DJ; Hines, MJ; Hoare, M; Birch, JR; James, DC

We have developed a simple and robust transient expression system utilizing the 25 kDa branched cationic polymer polyethylenimine (PEI) as a vehicle to deliver plasmid DNA into suspension-adapted Chinese hamster ovary cells synchronized in G2/M phase of the cell cycle by anti-mitotic microtubule dis...

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Passage of an integral membrane protein, the vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein, through the Golgi apparatus en route to the plasma membrane.

Bergmann, J E; Singer, S J; Tokuyasu, K T

The intracellular pathway of biogenesis of the vesicular stomatitis virus transmembrane glycoprotein was investigated in situ by using indirect immunofluorescence of whole infected Chinese hamster ovary cells and immunoelectron microscopy of ultrathin frozen sections of infected cells. Transport of ...

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Early and late functions associated with the Golgi apparatus reside in distinct compartments.

Rothman, J E; Dunphy, W G; Urbani, L J; Fries, E

Enzymes that catalyze the two successive stages of Golgi-associated processing of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides distributed differently when membranes from Chinese hamster ovary cells were centrifuged in a sucrose density gradient. A mannosidase that removes only outer, alpha-1,2-linked mannose...

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