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Transfer and amplification of a mutant beta-tubulin gene results in colcemid dependence: use of the transformant to demonstrate regulation of beta-tubulin subunit levels by protein degradation.

Gottesman, M M; Whitfield, C; Ascherman, D; Abraham, I

Total genomic DNA from a temperature-sensitive, colcemid-resistant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell mutant expressing an electrophoretic variant beta-tubulin was used to transform wild-type CHO cells to colcemid-resistant cells at 37 degrees C. Southern blot analysis of the transformant demonstrated...

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TNFalpha-Polymorphismus bei Patienten mit Sepsis und Schilddrüsenkarzinomen

Rossbach, Christiane

Das Zytokin Tumornekrosefaktor a (TNFa) hat einen entscheidenden Anteil an der Entwicklung schwerer Komplikationen, wie septischer Schock und Multiorganversagen nach Entwicklung einer Sepsis. Eine Assoziation des TNF2-Allels mit einem erhöhten TNF a Spiegel und einer höheren Mortalitätsrate wurde i...

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Regulation of the human histamine H1 receptor stably expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Fukui, H.; Smit, M. J.; Hijzelendoorn, J. C.; Timmerman, H.; Leurs, R.

1. The human H1 receptor gene expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHOhumH1) encodes a classical histamine H1 receptor with a pharmacology similar to that of the H1 receptor found in guinea-pig cerebellum and the endogenously expressed human H1 receptor in 1321N1 astrocytoma cells as determined...

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Reduced RET expression in gut tissue of individuals carrying risk alleles of Hirschsprung's disease

Miao, X; Leon, TY-Y; Ngan, ES-W; So, M-T; Yuan, Z-W; Lui, VC-H; Chen, Y; Wong, KK-Y; Tam, PK-H; Garcia-Barceló, M

Receptor tyrosine kinase (RET) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are associated with the Hirschsprung's disease (HSCR). We investigated whether the amount of RET expressed in the ganglionic gut of human was dependent on the genotype of three regulatory SNPs (-5G>A rs10900296 and -1A>C rs1090029...

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Recessive constitutive mutant Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-K1) with an altered A system for amino acid transport and the mechanism of gene regulation of the A system.

Moffett, J; Englesberg, E

Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-K1) starved for 24 h for amino acids show a severalfold increase in velocity of proline transport through the A system (Vmax is five times that of unstarved cells). This increase is inhibited by cycloheximide, actinomycin D, N-methyl-alpha-amino isobutyric acid (MeAI...

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Polymorphisms of the β1-adrenergic receptor gene are associated with essential hypertension in Chinese

Luo, Leiming; Yao, Wenjing; Li, Rongbin

Background: The β1-adrenergic receptor (ADRB1) plays a pivotal role in mediating signal transduction of the sympathetic-adrenal system, which is involved in the regulation of cardiac output and peripheral resistance. Our goal was to determine whether the polymorphisms Arg389Gly (rs1801253) and Ser49...

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Permeability of Wild-Type and Mutant Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Chloride Channels to Polyatomic Anions

Linsdell, P; Tabcharani, JA; Rommens, JM; Hou, Y-X; Chang, X-B; Tsui, L-C; Riordan, JR; Hanrahan, JW

Permeability of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) chloride channel to polyatomic anions of known dimensions was studied in stably transfected Chinese hamster ovary cells by using the patch clamp technique. Biionic reversal potentials measured with external polyatomic ani...

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Isolation of Cell Lines That Show Novel, Murine Leukemia Virus-Specific Blocks to Early Steps of Retroviral Replication

Young, John A. T.; Bruce, James W.; Ahlquist, Paul; Bradley, Kenneth A.

In order to identify cellular proteins required for early stages of retroviral replication, a high volume screening with mammalian somatic cells was performed. Ten pools of chemically mutagenized Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells were challenged with a murine leukemia virus (MLV) vector pseudotyp...

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Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Strain HSV1716 Grown in Baby Hamster Kidney Cells Has Altered Tropism for Nonpermissive Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Compared to HSV1716 Grown in Vero Cells

Conner, Joe; Brown, S. Moira; Rixon, Frazer J.

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are traditionally regarded as nonpermissive cells for herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection as they lack the specific entry receptors, and modified CHO cells have been instrumental in the identification of HSV-1 receptors in numerous studies. In this report ...

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Haplotype-based association of regulator of G-protein signaling 5 gene polymorphisms with essential hypertension and metabolic parameters in Chinese

Xiao, Bing; Zhang, Yi; Niu, Wen-quan; Gao, Pin-jing; Zhu, Ding-liang

Background: A recent genome-wide linkage study mapped blood pressure (BP)-related loci on human chromosome 1q and identified the regulator of G-protein signaling 5 (RGS5) as a candidate for regulation of BP. Thus, we assessed the relationship between RGS5 genetic polymorphisms and essential hyperten...

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Gene regulation of spermatogenesis (Abstract)

Luk, JMC; Mok, BWY; Yeung, WSB; Tam, PC; Tse, JYM; Chow, JFC; Woo, J; Kam, K; Lee, CKF

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Gene regulation of spermatogenesis

Luk, JM; Mok, BW; Yeung, WSB; Tam, PC; Tse, JYM; Chow, JFC; Woo, J; Kam, K; Lee, CKF

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Gene of DNA-dependent protein kinase catalylic subunit in chronic myeloid leukemia

Luo, J; Peng, ZG; Chen, Y; Lai, YR; Lu, YY; Song, SJ

This study was aimed to investigate the expression and regulation mechanism of DNA-dependent protein kinase catalylic subunit (DNA-PKcs) in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and its role in blast crisis of CML. Expression of DNA-PKcs mRNA was detected by semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymera...

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Galectin binding proteins in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage -in healthy and pathological conditions

Cederfur, Cecilia

Galectins are carbohydrate binding proteins, implicated in conditions of both inflammation and cancer. Connections between chronic inflammation and cancer are proposed by the increased remodelling and proliferation that occurs, leading to enhanced survival and proliferation of malignant cells. Since...

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Fine mapping of the 9q31 Hirschsprung’s disease locus

Tang, S. C.; Sribudiani, Y.; Miao, P. X.; Vries, R. A.; Burzynski, G.; So, T. M.; Leon, Y. Y.; Yip, H. B.; Osinga, J.

Hirschsprung’s disease (HSCR) is a congenital disorder characterised by the absence of ganglia along variable lengths of the intestine. The RET gene is the major HSCR gene. Reduced penetrance of RET mutations and phenotypic variability suggest the involvement of additional modifying genes in the dis...

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Evidence for coordinate regulation of the A system for amino acid transport and the mRNA for the alpha 1 subunit of the Na+,K(+)-ATPase gene in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Qian, N X; Englesberg, E; Pastor-Anglada, M

Previous work suggested that the structural gene for the A system transporter and the mRNA for the alpha subunit of the Na+,K(+)-ATPase in Chinese hamster ovary cells CHO-K1 [wild type (WT)] are coordinately controlled by regulatory gene R1. This conclusion was based on analysis of a mutant for the ...

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Differential protein expression profiles in anterior gills of Eriocheir sinensis during acclimation to cadmium.

Silvestre, Frédéric; Dierick, Jean-François; Dumont, Valéry; Dieu, Marc; Raes, Martine; Devos, Pierre

Using a proteomic approach, we characterized different protein expression profiles in anterior gills of the Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis, after cadmium (Cd) exposure. Two experimental conditions were tested: (i) an acute exposure (i.e. 500 microg Cd l(-1) for 3 days) for which physiologic...

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Cooperation of E2F-p130 and Sp1-pRb Complexes in Repression of the Chinese Hamster dhfr Gene

Chang, Young-Chae; Heintz, Nicholas H.; Illenye, Sharon

In mammalian cells reiterated binding sites for Sp1 and two overlapping and inverted E2F sites at the transcription start site regulate the dhfr promoter during the cell growth cycle. Here we have examined the contributions of the dhfr Sp1 and E2F sites in the repression of dhfr gene expression. In ...

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Amplification of the IMP dehydrogenase gene in Chinese hamster cells resistant to mycophenolic acid.

Collart, F R; Huberman, E

The regulation of IMP dehydrogenase (IMPDH) was analyzed in Chinese hamster V79 cell variants that exhibit different degrees of resistance to the cytotoxic effect of mycophenolic acid, a specific inhibitor of IMPDH. Western blot (immunoblot) analysis with an IMPDH antiserum revealed a 14- to 27-fold...

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Aberrante Methylierung des p16INK4a-Promotors als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms an Bronchialaspiraten

Krücken, Anne

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde der Methylierungsstatus des p16INK4a-Promotors an Material der pulmonalen Exfoliativzytologie untersucht und seine Eignung als Tumormarker für die molekularzytologische Diagnostik des Lungenkarzinoms überprüft. Der Nachweis der p16INK4a-Promotor-Methylierung erfolgte...

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Zhang, Min; 張敏

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Wang, Xinyan; 汪新艷

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To, Kit-wa, Anthea; 杜潔華

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Jiang, Yonghua

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