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Qian, Xiaochen

With the development of the Chinese economy, insurance industry is becoming one of the most important commercial industries in China. Currently small- and medium-sized (SME) insurance companies gain more and more important status in the insurance market, but the main problem is to find a suitable st...

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Overexpressed human metallothionein IIA gene protects Chinese hamster ovary cells from killing by alkylating agents.

Herrlich, P; Kaina, B; Karin, M; Lohrer, H

Experiments were designed to detect survival advantages that cells gain by overexpressing metallothionein (MT). Chinese hamster ovary K1-2 cells and an x-ray-sensitive derivative were transfected with a bovine papillomavirus (BPV)-linked construct carrying the human metallothionein IIA (hMT-IIA) gen...

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Nonlinear observers synthesis based on strongly persistent inputs

Dufour, Pascal; Flila, Saida; Hammouri, Hassan

In most of the literature, the design of a high gain observer is based on normal forms. In the case where a nonlinear system, which is characterized by a normal form, is observable independently on the input, it is shown here that the gain of this observer does not require any differential equation....

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Logistics Management and its Legal Environment in China

Chan, FWH

After almost 15 years of lobbying and negotiation, China has finally cleared all the hurdles to gain World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership, joining in November 2001. However, foreign investors in China are increasingly embroiled in disputes with Chinese companies due to logistics barriers. This ...

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Linkage of the MBG locus to another functionally hemizygous gene locus (IDH2) on chromosome Z3 in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Adair, G M; Siciliano, M J

To gain insight into the nature of hemizygosity in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and the mechanisms by which it has arisen, we are attempting to map and determine linkage relationships for as many hemizygous loci as possible. In this study, we have shown by segregation analysis of intraspecific ...

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Inhibin interferes with activin signaling at the level of the activin receptor complex in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Martens, J.W.M.; Winter, J.P. de; Timmerman, M.A.; McLuskey, A.; Schaik, R.H.N. van; Themmen, A.P.N.; Jong, F.H. de

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Identification of a KCNE2 Gain-of-Function Mutation in Patients with Familial Atrial Fibrillation

Liu, Yi; Lin, Jie; Ma, Ning; Wan, Haiying; Liang, Bo; Barhanin, Jacques; Liu, Ban; Zhang, Dongwei; Jin, Qingfeng; Zhou, Qinshu

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia encountered in clinical practice. We first reported an S140G mutation of KCNQ1, an α subunit of potassium channels, in one Chinese kindred with AF. However, the molecular defects and cellular mechanisms in most patients with AF remain to...

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Chinese consumers concerns about food safety: Case of Tianjin

Zhang XiaoYong

The objective of this study is to gain an insight to Chinese consumers' knowledge and concerns over food safety from a case study in Tianjin city. The results indicate that Chinese consumers are very much concerned about food safety, particularly with regard to vegetables and dairy products. Chinese...

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A gain scheduling strategy for the control and estimation of a remote robot via Internet

Jiang, Wenjuan; Kruszewski, Alexandre; Richard, Jean-Pierre; Toguyeni, Armand

A gain scheduling strategy for the controller of a remote robot based on Internet and Bluetooth networks is designed and implemented. The Internet communication is based on the Master-Slave structure, UDP protocol. The Slave comprises a PC and a mobile robot, interconnected through the protocol Blue...

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Tang, Mei-po; 鄧美寶

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