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The Circulation of Independent Visions in Hong Kong Films

Cheung, EMK

Locality, Translocality, and De-locality: Cultural, Aesthetic, and Political Dynamics of Chinese-Language, organized by Shanghai University and Shanghai Film Artists Association, July 12-13 2008

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Speciation state of cobalt in blue glazes : a XAFS study on XVI cent. chinese blue-&-white porcelains

Figueiredo, M. Ondina; Silva, Teresa P.; Veiga, João Paulo; Dias, M. Isabel

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Shanghai Alleys, Theatrical Practice, and Cinematic Spectatorship: From Street Angel (1937) to Fifth Generation Film

Alexander Des Forges; University of Massachusetts-Boston

This article argues that a certain type of Shanghai film of the Republican period, exemplified by 1937’s Street Angel (馬路天使, Malu tianshi), makes use of a specific mode of spatial organization, modelled on the theatre, to represent the urban environment. In the case of Street Angel, and later ...

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On interlayer interaction of 4O.8 free-standing films: Experiment and theory

Jin, AJ; Lin, B

Substrate-free films of N-(4-n-butoxybenzylidene-4-n-octylaniline (4O.8) show a fascinating interlayer interaction. This interaction significantly affects the next ordering transition, or the second hexatic-B order, upon cooling. The Landau-de Gennes theory is employed to model the effect of the enh...

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Mis-representations of Tibet in the West and in China:Seven Years in Tibet versus Red River Valley

Frangville, Vanessa

I am going to be taking a look at contemporary visual representations of Tibetand Tibetans in the context of two films: one Chinese film we will call “RedRiver Valley” and a famous Franco-american film, Seven Years in Tibet. Themain point here is to demonstrate how two different id...

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Large Low-Field Magnetoresistance Observed in Polycrystalline La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 Films

Wang, ZH; Lian, GJ; Gao, J; Zhou, YQ; Kang, JF; Li, MY; Xiong, GC

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Hip osteoarthritis and dysplasia in Chinese men.

Silman, A; Lau, E M; Lam, D; Lin, F; Croft, P

OBJECTIVE--To estimate the prevalence of hip osteoarthritis (OA hip) and hip dysplasia in a sample of Hong Kong men who were unselected with respect to hip symptoms. METHODS--The postmicturition films of 999 men aged 60-75 years, consecutive attenders for intravenous urography between 1987 and 1990 ...

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Chinese letterkunde. Een inleiding

Idema, Wilt; Haft, Lloyd

De Chinese cultuur mag zich verheugen in een groeiende belangstelling. Chinese films bereiken in Nederland een steeds omvangrijker publiek en ook de moderne Chinese literatuur, die sinds de jaren tachtig een grote bloei doormaakt, wordt door veel liefhebbers op de voet gevolgd. Chinese Letterkunde b...

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Capturing Reality: The Personal and Authentic Appeal in Contemporary Chinese Films

Cheung, EMK

Seminar on Between Public and Private: A Space for Independent Chinese Cinema, organized by Hong kong International Film Festival and French Center for Research on Contemporary China, April 13 2009

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