Sample records for D波 (d waves)

Sample records 1 - 6 shown.


Proceedings of the third Asia-Pacific Symposium on Wind Engineering: December 13-15, 1993, Hong Kong

Cheung, Yau Kai; Lam, K. M.

v.1 Foreword Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K. v.1 Acknowledgement v.1 Scientific advisory board v.1 Organizing committee v.1 Author index v.2 tForeword Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K. v.2 Acknowledgement v.2 Scientific advisory board v.2 Organizing committee v.2 Author index v.1 Keynote papers v.2 Wind environment assessme...

DRIVER (Chinese)


Education and competitive economy: how do cultural dimensions fit in?

Cheung, Yan Hoi; Chan, Ho Wing Alex

Globalization has changed the way people behave in different aspects of life. One of the significant differences is that people are now competing with everyone around the world, not just people within or near their own regions. A good way of remaining competitive is to provide quality education that...

DRIVER (Chinese)