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Construção e avaliação de um eletrodo tubular sensível ao íon hidrogênio como detector em sistemas de análise em fluxo/ Construction and evaluation of a tubular ion-selective electrode for hidrogen ion as a detector in flow analysis

Martelli, Patrícia B.; Reis, Boaventura F.; Zagatto, Elias A.G.; Lima, José L.F.C.; Lapa, Rui A.

Resumo em inglês The construction of a tubular hydrogen ion-selective potentiometric electrode without inner reference solution, based on the tridodecylamine (TDDA) ionophore, and its evaluation in a flow system are described. TDDA was dissolved in 2-nitrophenyl octyl ether, dispersed in a PVC membrane and applied directly to a conducting support which consisted of an epoxy resin and graphite mixture. The electrode was designed with a tubular geometry to effort facilities to be coupled as (mais) part of a flow injection network. The main working characteristics such as response time, linear pH range, selectivity and life time were evaluated and compared with those obtained which a conventionally shaped electrode based on the same sensor. The electrode showed a slope of 51-52 mV dec-1 within a linear pH range from 4.0 up to 12.0.

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