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Estudo da biodisponibilidade de metais nos sedimentos da Lagoa da Pampulha/ Study of the bioavailability of metals in the sediments of Lagoa da Pampulha (Pampulha Lake)

Sabino, Claudia de Vilhena Schayer; Kastner, Geraldo Frederico; Amaral, Angela Maria; Leite, Simone Cristina Alves Lobo; Carvalho, Ricardo Pinto de; Silva, Isabel Reis e

Resumo em inglês The presence of metals in the sediments of Pampulha Lake was investigated in order to determine the bioavailability of metals in these sediments for the cultivation of vegetables such as lettuce. The chemical analyses of metals and As were accomplished by the k0 neutron activation technique. The plans for recovering this lake foresee the removal of the deposited sediments and transport of the discarded material to a specific area after the dam. The present study suggests (mais) that this strategy of discarding sediments doesn't imply any risk for the local population, in relation to the bioavailability of metals in these sediments.

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