Sample records for thorium c

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Estudo de metais e de substâncias tóxicas em brinquedos/ Toys contamined by toxic substances

Zini, Josiane; Ferreira, João C.; Carvalho, Fátima M. S. de; Bustillos, José O. W.V.; Scapin, Marcos A.; Salvador, Vera L. R; Abrão, Alcídio

Resumo em inglês The main goal of the present study is the analysis of toxic elements in plastic toys commercialized in Brazil. Metals like cadmium, lead, chromium, zinc, and aluminum, along with organic substances, such as phthalates, were identified in different toys by quantitative analytical techniques. Traces of thorium were detected in one of the studied samples. Although the measured radioactive dose was rather low, the presence of such a radioactive contaminant is against to the I (mais) nternational Agency of Atomic Energy regulations. Similar toys manufactured in Brazil were analyzed and found to observe the standards defined by the National Institute of Metrology (Inmetro).

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