Sample records for thorium 227

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Óxidos de ferro e monazita de areias de praias do Espírito Santo/ Iron oxides and monazite from sands of two beaches in Espirito Santo, Brazil

Coelho, Flávia dos Santos; Couceiro, Paulo Rogério da Costa; Lopes, Ana Lúcia; Fabris, José Domingos

Resumo em inglês Sand samples collected from two sampling sites on Guarapari and Iriri beaches, state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, were studied in an attempt to better describe their chemical and mineralogical compositions and radioactive behaviors. The sands were found to contain about 6 (Guarapari) and 2 dag kg-1 (Iriri) of rare earth and thorium that, if allocated to the monazite-(Ce) structure, lead to the averaged formulae Ce3+0,494Gd3+0,012La3+0,209Nd3+0,177Pr3+0,040Sm3+0,024Th4+0,03 (mais) 3 (PO4) and Ce3+0,474La3+0,227Nd3+0,190Pr3+0,044Sm3+0,032Th4+0,024 (PO4). From Mössbauer spectroscopy data, the magnetic fractions of these sands were found to contain stoichiometric hematite (47.4 dag kg-1, from Guarapari, and 25.1 dag kg-1, from Iriri) and magnetite (44.1 and 58.8 dag kg-1). The specific alpha and beta radiation activities were also measured for both samples.

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