Sample records for thermal effluents

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Construção e estudos de perfomance de um reator fotoquímico tipo CPC ("Compound Parabolic Concentrator")/ Construction and performance studies of a CPC type photochemical reactor

Duarte, Edward Thomas Fleury Mendonça; Xavier, Thiago Padovani; Souza, Danilo Rodrigues de; Miranda, Jacques Antonio de; Machado, Antonio Eduardo da Hora; Jung, Christian; Oliveira, Lamark de; Sattler, Christian

Resumo em inglês A CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) reactor was projected and constructed aiming to promote the degradation of the organic matter present in considerable volumes of aqueous effluents, under the action of solar radiation. The essays were done using a model effluent which consists of a mixture of fragments of a sodium salt of lignosulphonic acid possessing a mean molecular weigth of 52,000 Daltons, and a real effluent, from a chip board industry. The volume of effluent (mais) in each test was about 50 L. The tests involved heterogeneous (TiO2 P25 Degussa and formulations made from the association of TiO2 with a photosensitiser), and homogeneous (thermal and photochemical Fenton reactions) catalysis of the effluents. The results demonstrate the viability of application of this kind of reactor even when the load of organic pollutants is high.

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