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Um modelo para a superfície líquida no estudo da dinâmica do espalhamento de Xe e Ne pelo esqualano/ A model for the liquid surface in the study of the dynamics of the scattering of Xe and Ne from squalane

Leal, Alexandre S.; Rodrigues, Ivanildo; Schor, Heloiza H. R.

Resumo em inglês In this work we present a theoretical model to investigate the scattering of Xe and Ne by a liquid squalane surface. The liquid surface is modeled as a grid of harmonic oscillators with frequencies adjusted to experimental vibration as frequencies of the liquid squalane and the atom-surface interaction potential is modeled by a Lennard-Jones function. The three dimensional description of the dynamics of the process which occurs at the gas-liquid interface is obtained by t (mais) he classical trajectory method. The general characteristics of the dynamics of the scattering process are in good agreement with experimental data.

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