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A importância da análise de especiação do chumbo em plasma para a avaliação dos riscos à saúde/ The significance of lead speciation analysis in blood plasma for health risk assessment

Moreira, Fátima R.; Moreira, Josino C.

Resumo em inglês Lead absorption is influenced by the species that are formed and the physicochemical characteristics of lead, among others. Lead plasma concentration is (mais) entification of species and the techniques most used to determine metals in biological fluids are ICP OES/MS and AAS. Lead speciation analysis in blood plasma is fundamental for understanding and evaluating the interaction mechanisms between that analyte and its biological targets.

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Especiação de Arsênio - uma revisão/ Arsenic Speciation - A review

Barra, Cristina Maria; Santelli, Ricardo Erthal; Abrão, Jorge João; Guardia, Miguel de la

Resumo em inglês This paper provides a review on separation methods and analytical techniques for the determination of several species of organic and inorganic arsenic in different matrices. Arsenic is an element whose speciation is of particular interest due to the great variation of toxicity levels exhibited for its different chemical forms. Arsenic (III) and As (V) are the most toxic species while organic compounds such as arsenobetaine (AsB), produced by methylation of inorganics spec (mais) ies (carcinogenics) are relatively less toxic, hence the great importance of arsenic speciation in the determination of the degree of contamination of an environmental or biological system.

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